help me find a baguette pleeease

  1. my latest desire is for a small handbag just for when i pop out and about, and need to carry only a key holder, 2 cell phones, tissues, some mints etc...

    and i remember the baguette from way back when.. i still love it..
    my older cousin had one in corduroy which i loved.. pity she never passed it on to me.
    and my first "designer" handbag, before i realised it, was a fake black baguette.. i thought it was real, and carried it everywhere. it was devastating when i finally became educated enough to see it for what it was. sigh.

    so, help me find one please!

    (not so much - zucchini fabric, beaded, or embroidered...
    more - the simplish ones, or ones in cool fabrics..)

    ebay is okay, if we can visually and comfortably authenticate it
  2. They used to have fendi mama baguettes on Amazon for only $199 but they sold out (before I even got one:crybaby: ) But they may get more in stock. They were sold by Amazon itself, not an outside retailer, so I think they were legit. But check Amazon regularly as they often get good deals like that -- just be careful of the outside venders posing fakes. They actually still have a mini baguette available. It's still pricey, but if you really want one it's there:smile:
  3. If you PM me the ebay auction, I can usually tell if it is real, since I have a crazy amount of baguettes.
  4. Here is a site that helps with authentification:
    eBay View About Me for fendi-bag-lady,
    Also, you can google Jomashop they have Fendi things that are authentic