Help me find a bag...

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  1. I fell in love with MbMJ Hillier hobo in cream a while ago and I am such a procrastinator and now I can't find it anywhere!! It is still available in saddle and black here and there but i loooooooooove the cream color! Does any of you know where it is available? Getting desperate here...:crybaby:

    (BTW I've just joined the forum! I've been looking at the posts in Purse Blog for years but never actually registered to become a member.)
  2. i would go online and try Nordstrom.... i looked there earlier this week and saw them available in black... i think saddle was available too.....also keep in mind that if you call the 1800 Nordies number they can track the bag in any color for you....if it's not sold out store-wide you'd be able to get it. good luck!
  3. How about the MbyMj stores, Macy's, Bloomie's. I would just give them all a call.

  4. I just learned (don't know if it's true) Hillier is sold out in all of North America!! really sad:sad:
  5. What a drag! Keep looking....sometimes, there are returns. I would keep calling Nordstrom.