Help me find a bag!!!

  1. Hello all :biggrin: !

    Well, I am now onto my next purchase, but I need some help! I am trying to find a long lasting bag that is anywhere up to around the $2000 mark. Do you have any suggestions? I was looking into the Jige or Amelia. I don't mind small bags, but these might be too small. Sadly Vancouver has neither for me to even look at, but I will be on the lookout while I am on holidays. OTINGOCI reminded me about the Evelyne, and I think that is a great bag! If anyone could possible tell me the price for the PM in suede that would be great! I am hoping it's reasonable. I think the US prices are much better than in Canada. I called Vancouver and all they had was a suede TPM and it was $2500 or $2800. I hope this isn't how high the US prices are! Also, I will be going through Singapore, so if anyone can tell me prices there it would be GREAT!! Also is there a price difference between suede and leather? thnx for all your help and suggestions!! :biggrin:
  2. I'm thinking about getting a Garden Party Twilly (like the GP bag but in leather with silk bolduc lining and twilly tied to the handle). It's $2,000. :biggrin: There is a really tiny Evelyne that is around that price (I think) but I don't think you would be able to carry a whole lot. I was also looking at a few bags on Luxury-Zurich that were under or around $2,000 like the Christine or the Berlingot.:flowers:
  3. the Garden Party Twilly sounds great! The GP is nice and simple and would look lovely with a twilly! I'll keep a look out for that! I think the Evelyn you are thinking about is the Tres Petit Modele (TPM). I think the price is good in the US, but in Canada I was told from an SA it is about 2500! I am thinking a PM Evelyn would be nice, so I am gonna give a call to a store in the US to see their price for it! I've never heard of the other 2 bags you mentioned so gonna check it out! Thnx for all the help!
  4. So I called Hermes today in San Fran, and they have the Evelyn PM in Chartreuse (dunno the spelling). Could anyone tell me what this color is exactly? The bag is a pretty good price (1800ish US whereas the exact same bag is 2900ish CAN!!!!) so I'm thinking I might get it, if I like the color!
  5. Chartreuse is kind of like a bright light green...almost like a light limeish color. I like the color a lot!
  6. I love evelyne. It's so chic. I prefer evelyne in leather to suede.

    guccigirl, are you going to Europe & India in 12 days?

    Let's countdown together: 12...11....10...9...8...7....6....5...4....3...2...1!!!!

    Namaste. Welcome to India.
  7. That's cute, Namaste.

    Guccigirl, there's also the Picotin and Garden Party. Both are under $2000. The Garden Party is my workhorse, it doesn't scream Hermes and keeps me under the radar.
  8. Guccigirl....I saw that Evelyn and it's a lovely color! Very summery as the Chartreuse is a clear, light green ....not "muddy" at all. It's on the smallish side though and I don't really know how much stuff you could haul in it. I didn't take measurements but maybe someone knows the sizes of the PM????
  9. Love the Evelyne bags, except for the canvas shoulder straps on the PM and GM. The PM's are 28cm wide while the GM's are 32cm wide. You can fit quite a bit into the PM and GM but only the barest of essentials in the TPM.

    Berlingot is another great "under the radar" Hermes! There's also the Vespa (similar styling to Evelyne).
  10. Oh, that's right OT! The Vespa and I have one and didn't think to mention it.

    Vespa is a terrific little bag. Mine is the PM size which fits most essentials. Cost was I think $1,675.00 in San Fran. The ONLY thing I don't like about it now that I have one is that the closure hardware sits in a spot where if you have something tall in the bag, it won't close. So I always have to fold paper or put any tall item to the side. Other than that, it's a dynomite shoulder bag that slings across the chest too.
  11. Good point, shopmom! I haven't owned one but I can totally see what you mean.
  12.'s a pic of my Vespa for your info (sorry it's sitting with my Bolide but it's the only fast pic I have right now).
  13. thnx for all of the suggestions!!!
    dior24, Namste. yup I'm leaving soon!!! I forgot to adjust to counter, so it's now 8 excited and nervous!!! For the evelyne, I have only seen the suede one, so I will look at the leather ones! It is probably a better material to get a bag I plan on using alot in.
    Hermesgroupie, the Garden party is really cute and simple. It would really go with anything. I shall look into that one. I have never seen the picotin, so I will remember that and have a look!!
    OTINGOCNI, I have never seen the berlingot IRL, but have seen pics and it is great! It's another bag like the Garden Party that will last forever! I also like the fact its a shoulder bag! Also if I was to get the Evelyne I would probably not get the TPM because like you said it is WAY too small!!
    Shopmom411 your Vespa is amazing!!! It is also in the color I am looking for!! I never actually thought about the vespa, but now that I see a pics for it I love it!
    Also, I did call Singapore yesterday (since I am stopping there on the way to India) AND they had a gold Evelyn PM in the soft leather (name not coming to me, starts with a C) and its only $1800ish CAN!!!!! I am very excited!! Thnx for all the suggestions! I am writing all of this down and plan on spending quite some time at Hermes exploring all of these bags that have been suggested!!
  14. I second the has such a cute, subtle "H" on the shoulder strap!! It comes in 2 sizes.

    Good luck and have fun!!
  15. I love the plume and bolide also - although new they are more expensive...