Help me find a bag!

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  1. Hi everyone, I'm looking for a bag so I'd appreciate any suggestions you have!

    I need a fairly large purse for everyday use. I'm a college student so it needs to be big enough to fit my books and laptop (13.3 inches). Leather, preferably under $400. I'd like something that is slouchy or rouched. A color that I can wear every day.

    I was looking at this bag, but I'm not sure I like the straps:

    Any ideas? Thanks!
  2. Hi! I really like the style of this one, however, I do not think it would be condusive to carrying a laptop due to the shape. If you like LP, maybe look at one like the Dylan Speedy?

  3. what about the Hayden Harnett havana hobo? (my god that's an alliteration)
    it comes in a ton of colors. plus, i saw a cobalt one on eBay go for about $200 the other day.
  4. Have you tried or lots of good quality and reasonably priced bags on these sites.
  5. Thanks for the suggestions guys! I'll take a look at those today. Anybody have some more ideas?