Help me find a bag!!

  1. Can someone help me find a Botkier Rose Medium Satchel in Metallic Plum? I can only find one on the botkier website, and I refuse to buy from them again. Please help! TIA!!
  2. Just wondering why you refuse to buy from Botkier? Did you have a bad experience? That's pretty specific - "Rose medium satchel in metallic plum," so I'm thinking it might be hard to find except from Botkier. Maybe someone else can help.
  3. Botkier's official site won't have any codes or coupons. At least that's why I'm refusing to buy them their site (I want a large Bianca in cherry).

    Nordstrom or Bloomingdales might have it.
  4. Well, their CS is just awful!
  5. Sorry everyone...I accidentally posted twice. I have no idea how to combine the bad.