Help me find a bag!

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  1. So my best friend's birthday is coming up and her boyfriend wants to buy her a designer bag. He commissioned me to pick one out that she would like. The only problem is that I am a shoe girl not a purse girl! I have never owned a designer bag and I don't know what is out there, and what's best.

    You guys seem like a really active and awesome community so I'm pleading for your assistance! These are the main criteria for what I'm looking for:

    - Something with name value. Her BF is pretty clueless but he does want her to go, "Oh my god is this really _____?" when she opens it.
    - Something somewhat affordable. He said there's no price limit but I don't think he really understands. $500 is the upper limit but something in the $400s would be better.
    - A versatile "day" bag that she can use on a pretty regular basis - not a really small purse or something that's too formal.
    - Something current. I know he would love for her to open her next month's Lucky and see the purse she has. Maybe that's not achievable on her BF's budget but you get the idea.
    - Even though its current, I still want it to be workable for a least the next year or two. Not something that will go out of style really quickly. A little color or print is okay but not all over - something that will work with different outfits and different seasons.

    So PLEASE guide me in the right direction! I have been online shopping for the past three days and I've had absolutely no luck.
  2. my first suggestion would be a LV speedy... in the price range, classic, and would definitely get a reaction!
  3. I recommend a status bag of some sort: LV, Gucci, Prada, etc. for the wow! reaction. There are very few big name designers with larger bags priced at $500 or less. You will most likely have to find it on sale or somewhere with a good discount code.

    There are several lower end design bags like Marc by Marc Jacobs and Michael by Michael Kors. They have some status but are less than a Michael Kors or Marc Jacobs bag from the regular line.

    Does your friend like logo bags or not? Most people wither love or hate them. The LV Speedy is a little over $500 but the monogrammed one with get a good response if they are into logo bags.

    Maybe a nylon Prada bag. Many are abound $500 and you can usually find them for less on sale or on discount sites like Bluefly and Overstock.

    Would a Coach bag be a appealing to your friend? Most styles are under $500. These are getting popular so it may not offer the status your friend's boyfriend seeks.
  4. Also some of the monogram fendi bags can be found on for under $500...

  5. speedys arent in the price range a Monogram canvas speedy 25 is 595.00 on Elux

    try MICHAEL by Michael Kors or MARC by Marc Jacobs
  6. What bag is your friend carrying at the moment?
  7. I would have to go with a LV speedy. The size 25 is $595 so he will have to spend a little more than expected. But it's not THAT much more. LV will get the "wow" factor and it's a great everyday bag.
  8. What about Gustto or Kooba? They can certainly be in the price range with a code or from an e-bay seller. The name recognition might not be that great, but a lot of celebs seem to be carrying it, so she might see it in a mag.
  9. Wow! You all are awesome! Thank you!

    passerby: You asked what bag she is carrying now and that is a great question. She has I would say about 5 bags that she of them is Coach but that's about as designer as she has and she doesn't use it a lot. They are all pretty neutral and versatile but young looking (she's only 19). One she carries a lot is a blue and tan canvas tote with buckles from the Gap. She's more into natural colors than bright colors or black.

    The MARC by Marc Jacobs Faridah was really perfect and when I first saw it I got really excited but its no longer available!
    I will google it, but any idea of where else to get it? If not this is VERY along the lines of what we are looking for!

    Unfortunately I think that while a LV Speedy would be great he can't afford it. He's a college kid with a part time job.

    I thought about Coach, as well as MICHAEL by Michael Kors but after looking at both of their sites I didn't see anything that I thought was great. Could any of you kind ladies link me to some good ones?

    Again, thanks so much and I hope I hear back from you! That MARC bag is great so I hope I can track it down but if not I will be looking to all of you!
  10. Update: I found the MARC bag, which I fell more and more in love with, but the BF said it was too expensive. When he said "whatever" to price I guess he didn't know what he was getting into! So now I guess its gonna be major sale shopping if she's going to get the name value.

    This one is a bit cheaper but still the same style:
    I think she would like the Elm Brown. Honest opinions?