Help me find a bag under $500!

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  1. Hi, I'm new here and hoping this is the right forum for this..!

    I'm looking for a new school bag, large enough to hold my big, big books in it and hopefully under $500.
    I'd been thinking of getting Luella's Heritage Gisele bag from their website sale for £255 until I fell in love with the CC Skye Bag. So I found two on sale for a very acceptable price, but both stores declined my credit card! :crybaby: I'm guessing this has something to do with my credit card being a Finnish one.

    So now getting very desperate! I know Luella accepts my card, but I'm not sure I want the Heritage Gisele anymore. Plus I'm not a 100% sure my books fit in it. Marc by Marc Jacobs bags are another option, but most of them don't look all that nice.

    So is there anyone wanting to take on this impossible seeming task? All help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. what about a coach bag...they have large bags that retai for around 395.00.
  3. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I live in Finland, so the bag would require international shipping. Totally Turnlock Quinn would be nice, if in another color. :smile:
  4. Not sure if they have Marc Jacobs in Finland but...

    Sorry I know it's above your price range $695 but it's so cute!
  5. I would second the Coach bags ... alot of selection and I think you could find alot to choose from around or under $500.
  6. I've browsed Neiman Marcus, and found that many designers carry bags under 500.

    First off, MARC by Marc Jacobs bags are a great choice, and most of them are under $500.

    Then there are some really nice Burberry bags under $500, albeit a bit too small.

    Kate Spade carries a very nice range of bags under $500.

    If you want something nice for evening, there's Lauren Merkin with adorable clutches, most of them retail for just $220.

    If not from Neiman Marcus, you can buy from Coach. They've got an online shop with lots of bags in your preferred price range.

    Oh, and Juicy Couture sells inexpensive bags, but I'm not sure if that's what you need.

    By the way, thanks for the excellent topic idea! I think I'm going to write a post about it in my fashion blog very soon, if you don't mind.
  7. Welcome, tutu. A few thoughts:

    1. Ask why you had probs w/the card. (Thanks for prompting me to check out those bags, by the way, I like them.) From what I saw, they ship internationally.

    2. If you like the Luella, I agree that many of the Coaches, such as the Hamptons Tote, might please you, and they're under $500.

    3. Check out the Tanos at She ships internationally and all are under $500. Check out Love Boat, pictured below, only $259. (Search the threads here for women who've bought the bag to see how they like it. I believe it has positive reviews.)


    4. See my next post for a longer discussion on another recommendation.
  8. 5007-435922-d.jpg

    Check out a constant recommendation of mine (though I own it only in my imagination), the Cole-Haan Paige Convertible Tote, only $425 from Nordstrom, which ships internationally, per a web chat I just had:

    • Jean M: Hello, X, and welcome to Nordstrom!
    • Jean M: I see your question: Can you accept a credit card from Finland and ship there?
    • Jean M: Yes, we do ship to Finland. However, you will need to contact our catalog division directly to place your order as we are not able to accept international orders online. You may reach our catalog division by phone at 1-206-303-4700, or by fax at 1-206-303-6689. For those countries where toll-free numbers to the United States are available, please contact us by phone at 1-888-282-6060, or by fax at 1-800-285-7288.
    • X: Great, I'm going to cut and paste this response. I was asking on behalf of a person on the "purse Forum"

    High-quality, with a detachable shoulder strap. I started a thread on this. You could search for it. Lots of good discussion. People who owned the bag really liked it.
  9. This is my school bag for next semester. It will be on sale at Nordstroms for the anniversary sale. I paid around $390 for mine. If this color is to much for you it comes in 3 other colors. Its the LAMB Grantham tote.

  10. Thanks a lot everyone for all the help you've been giving, you've been wonderful! I'm glad to tell you that my search is finally over :smile: And my dream bag was closer than I had thought; I took my mom shopping in Helsinki today, hoping to find a shirt or two, but instead found the most amazing Emporio Armani bag for 50% off! :yahoo:


    (The photo does little justice to it...)

    The original price was 660 euros, or about $890, but I paid just some $450 for it! What a steal! The owner of the store I bought it from came to me and told me how devastated she'd been when no one had bought the bag and she had to put it on sale... She said it reminded her a lot from a Chanel bag they had for sale, and I have to agree, the bag does come across a bit like Chanel. :wlae: