Help me find a bag that can do all this!

  1. I have been on a mission to find the perfect bag for ME... but also needs to function for a toddler bag.


    1. Water bottle pockets - two. On the outside preferably.
    2. Leather
    3. A decent handle drop as I'm a fluffy mom and I don't want to be fighting with the bag to get it on my shoulder.
    4. Easy to access interior and pockets - again, as a mom, you want things handy.
    5. Fairly big as I will need to carry a fair bit, but it doesn't need to be HUGE.

    Things I would LIKE it to have:

    1. Suble metallic color - prefer pewter, but copper is fine too.
    2. Exterior pocket large enough to hold a snack or two.
    3. Interior with one or two pockets for keys/phone.

    SUGGESTIONS PLEASE?!?!?!? I won't even put a price tag on it, but as of now, I've only spent $300 for a used bag that retailed for $600.
  2. Are you a stay at home mum? Because I work part- time I ended up having different bags for different days as one bag just couldn't do it all!! On work days or days I was maybe having some 'me' time I didn't want to feel I was lugging around a bag big enough to take nappies, wipes cups and snacks in addition to 'my ' things.
    have you had a look at Tano bags - might be something there able to suit your needs - I'll have a search and see if i can come up with anything!!!
  3. Thank you for willing to help me out!

    I don't expect it to be a bag that can do it all. I do have a Not Rational Hansel as my BIG bag (for when I need to carry everything and toddlers need more than babies, I SWEAR!) Right now I have the Rafe Kate and I really, really like these bags, but I want something with a bit of splash and not just traditional... though nothing OUT THERE either.

    I've started to sort through the Tano's but probably didn't see everything.
  4. hayden harnett sonia tote is nice but not available in metallic. (can you tell my toddler's having a nap and I'm bored and avoiding housework!!!)
  5. You are good! Just as I was searching Koobas on eBay, you were pointing one out! I just looked at the above link earlier too (the alison daisydoobag)... Kooba has a lot of interesting choices...

    but, now, I can't avoid working any more! Sigh... gotta run and look later!
  6. littleun has woken up. Good luck with your search!

  7. Good choice as I have a Not Rational Hansel in Washed Cognac that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE... I didn't see that episode. I thought it must be one of the brighter colors... hmm... bronze! Kind of hard to swallow the price though since I got mine from her VIP sale!!! Hmmm...
  8. It's not much of a discount, but it does look like that site has a 10% off code through 10/7.