Help me find a bag/case for my sheet music!

  1. Ok girls, I need your help! I often have to carry sheet music around with me, so I could do with a bag or case that's not too heavy, but is nice and sturdy (and preferably with a shoulder strap). Does anyone have a Mulberry briefcase?

    I am loving the look of this one:

    If you can suggest one, I'd be very grateful!

    Thanks :tup:

    Toni xx
  2. Looks good, and a true classic - you could carry it for years and years. I find the briefcases quite formal looking, and would probably not carry one with a shoulder strap. If you want a messenger with a more casual look, I would suggest a brynmore. Size is 38x34x10 according to the website. Good luck with your search!
  3. Thanks Vicky! I've been looking at the Brynmore, and I think it's gorgeous - I'm just a bit worried that it might look really huge on my little body. I think I need to go and try one on :smile:

    I was wanting a shoulder strap because if I have to carry my oboe/viola and a handbag too, it would make it sooo much easier if I had the option to carry the sheet music on my shoulder. At the moment I use a large black Furla bag which I can put my purse etc into as well, but it's not really rigid enough to protect the sheet music from getting battered over time, nor big enough to carry a folder with the music inside.

    Ooooh well....I'm going to have fun hunting for the perfect case! :tender: