Help me find a bag!! Any ideas welcome!

  1. I love Louis Vuitton and have a few different bags. I've been going crazy over the past 3 months buying them. But I suddenly don't think they're my style... I feel they don't go with my look. I was planning on buying a Batignolles Horizontal... but now I'm not so sure. I'd described my style as trendy, similar to Lindsay Lohan's or Nicole Richie's. I looked at myself carrying my Mono Speedy 25 yesterday, and I realized it looked so wrong with me! It didn't seem like me.

    Does anyone have any ideas of a trendy looking, young bag? I'm leaning towards a Balenciaga bag right now, but any other ideas would be greatly welcomed! I think any size bag would work with me... I'm 18-years-old, 5'4", 105 pounds. Thank you sooo much! :heart: I'd love to here any ideas, any brand!
  2. How about a chanel chain purse? Those have become really popular recently with young people now. (including me :yes: ) Both nicole richie and lindsay lohan use tons of different bags (including lv), but probably the most common ones they use are the balenciaga bags. that might be a good place to start without going overboard and still get a classic.
  3. This isn't the best pic, but here is nicole with a blue balenciaga. I think it might be a weekender, but i definitely could be wrong. The pic is from

    Hope that helps!!
  4. i'd go with balenciaga...
  5. I love Marc by Marc Jacobs, especially the turnlock line. They're youthful and not so expensive that you can't toss them around a bit and use all the time. Plus the leather is so squishy and soft and since it's not so much of an "it" bag I think the style will be more enduring.

    Right now the Faridah is my fav...
  6. I would go with the balenciaga too.
  7. LOL such a young girl - and already having so many LV's
    I got my first LV when I was 22 - I saved up for 4 years for it! (Don't mind me - I just thought you are so lucky that you are able to buy them at the drop of a hat) - well with that said though... its not like I am that old - I am still in my 20's hahaha

    But keep those LV's - as you get older - they will be great staples for your wardrobe!

    But for now I recommend COLOUR! Anything colourful would probably be great on you! Probably a classic style - such as a motorcycle bag - but with a different colour - so it gives a twist to your style. So I would recommend Balenciagas for you too!

    Or maybe you can play up your LV's - add a charm on the side - or tie a trendy scarf around a handle! I think that would look fun too!

    Btw - I have a Batignolles Horizontal - it is an awesome bag! I would recommend it - but then it mgiht be too big on you - I realized that sometimes when I turn around my bag would hit someone around me if they stand too close! Haahaha!
  8. I think you sound like a perfect Balenciaga girl or maybe Miu Miu, but along with everyone else Balenciaga in eye-catching colour is probably going to make your heart sing based on your description!
  9. totally Balenciaga! What a great change for you!
  10. I'd vote Balenciaga, too. Though I really like Zac Posen's new handbag line - that might be fun and young.
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  14. Sounds like Balenciaga would be a great choice for you! :yes:
  15. I'd suggest Balenciaga, too. Or maybe sth. from Marc Jacobs? I do have the same problem, btw. I loved LV to death, but somehow I fell out of love and think they don't really fit to me :shrugs: