Help me fill this huge hobo!

  1. OK, ladies...just got a new hobo in the mail.

    It's much larger than my old bag. This one is 15.5" long, 9" high and 4.5" deep. I know for most of you that's a normal size, but I'm just now learning how to be more trendy and this is my first bag this size.

    I usually carry:
    small makeup bag
    cell phone
    small note pad
    protein bar
    2 pens
    Tide Stain Pen
    Tissue Pack
    Bottle of Advil

    What else can I put in here so this bag isn't quite so slouchy? What do the rest of you put in your purses?

  2. extra shoes for work when my feet get tired

    or when its time for the movies snacks those big bags can hold a lot.
  3. Magazine. ummm knitting that probably doesn't apply. Your camera? um..
  4. Do you have a kid? Stick your baby in there.

    But seriously, I put my laptop, camera, ipod, water bottle, sketchbook, tissues, check book, wallet, gum, and a whole bunch of other things in my bag.
  5. Oversized hobos are supposed to look slouchy-- I actually think they look weird when they're too full. I wouldn't add anything else, because you've already got your bases covered. IDK why, but the idea of adding extra stuff (extra WEIGHT) to a bag to fill it just seems insane to me :confused1:

    I say embrace the slouchiness! Or if it realllllly bothers you, maybe you could put something lightweight in there like an empty folder:shrugs:...
  6. It's my first bag in this style. My other bags have had more structure to them in the past. But I got sick of how boxy they looked and how when I sit down on the subway I'd have to prop it up and take up too much space (instead of lay nice and flat on my lap). In short I feel like I was carrying boxy granny purses, so I opted for a slouchier, casual look. But it feels so strange to me!
  7. A book or two?

  8. ITA. :yes:

    Just because you have a large bag, doesn't mean you're supposed to carry more (or that it will look good if you do). :biggrin:
  9. Maybe get the purse to go organizer. It will add a bit of structure and still allow it to be a bit slouchy.
  10. Book, PDA, hard eyeglass/sunglass case (which I can't do with a small purse), water bottle
  11. Small can of hair spray and a pack of wet wipes (especially for when your child knocks his drink on your foot). Good luck filling it up.
  12. I dunno.. i wouldn't put anything extra or unnecessary... I know during the summers I carry along flip-flips and a cardigan in my bag just for a/c purposes...

    extra room is a good thing
  13. Put what you need in your bag, if I put too much in my bag it seems to become a black hole.
  14. ..a (pocket) umbrella
  15. I use a hard sunglass case, and a case for my reading glasses (takes up alot of room), and also I use a pencil case so no pen marks. My makeup bag is pretty good size too (about 7 x 4). I carry a skinny mini for my dl, cc, money instead of a wallet. And my key ring is pretty big. Plus two check books, and vast amounts of mail, coupons. That usually fills it up pretty fast. Oh, and my cell phone of course.