Help me fill my palette!


Dec 26, 2007
San Diego, CA
I am a newbie to mac makeup but I have always loved the colors for their eyeshadow. I have had a pot of goldmine eyeshadow but that was the extent of my collection. I recently bought a 15 slot palette on ebay and I want to fill it with mac but I have no idea what to get! I went to the mac counter yesterday and I literally stood in front of the eyeshadow FOREVER, I just couldn't decide. I did end up buying expensive pink and I think its a very nice shade.

I need help with what to get for the rest of the shadows. I have fair skin with brown eyes and brown hair. I want to get away from my usual colors of gold/browns/pinks. I want to get some more different colors, like blues greens and purples. But truthfully I am a little intimidated by brighter colors like those. So maybe you guys can help me pick out a good mix of colors for the palette and also give me some tips on how to wear the colors you suggest? I would appreciate all help very much!

PS- I still want some good neutral colors in there, just I know if I do all the picking out I will ONLY have neutrals!


Jun 18, 2007
Sumptuous Olive is a nice color. It's like a golden Army green type shade. It can look very neutral or give a little pop of color depending on what other colors you put with it. Cranberry is the same way.


Nov 3, 2006
I would def. check out Satin Taupe (my fave Mac eyeshadow), Carbon (an essential), and Vex (pretty irridescent green color)


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Nov 13, 2006
California, USA
Carbon is a definite staple you need, at least IMO. :P It's good for any type of smokey eye look and creating a more defined crease.

I'd also grab a good highlighter color. I'm sort of a newbie to MAC and don't know of any specific colors for that, but I'm using my MAC holiday eyeshadow palette currently, and I really like Satisfy. (But I think it's a LE.)
Nov 2, 2007
I think Carbon (black), imo it is THE easiest color to be blended into anything and can be worn on any complexion.
Naked Lunch (neutral), it's super light and a color which can be worn on it's own or as a highlight etc.
In terms of purple, Jeweltone and Fertile are super pretty and are very bold.


Feb 9, 2008
parfait amour is my favourite eyeshadow, its a really pretty purple, but it looks really bright in the pot, but it looks so nice when worn. also for a neutral, satin taupe is very pretty, i also use vanilla a lot as my highlight, a neutral colour also. have fun shopping:smile:


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Jan 12, 2008
Hampton Roads, VA
I recommend Swimming! Its a lustre (which I tend to go for...LOL) and its a beautiful green color!!! I actually use it with bronze in the crease for a brown/green look, or also black tied. I use paint pots as well-Greenstroke looks awesome with it as well as bare study and moss scape!

SO lol, after my ramble, I recommend:

-Black Tied (or Carbon, as others have recommended if you'd rather have a matte)
-Woodwinked is also good!!!!
-Aquadisiac is definitely more bold as well! Its a beautiful color and it looks just like it is spelled-Aqua! -blue, of course :smile:
-I also recommend Cranberry-I like to use it with Pen N' Pink! (I have seen Pen N' Pink at my CCO-so if you live near one you may be able to find it cheaper!!!!)

Also, If you want to go super bold with greens and blues I recommend Electric Eel, Newly Minted, and Clarity -they are SUPER bold and fabulous!

OH OH! I almost forgot!!! I LOVE stars n' rockets too!!!

OK lol I could ramble all day:upsidedown:



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Jan 27, 2006
some lovely browns that i find unique in a way: swiss chocolate, mystery, espresso, soft brown

highlighters: dazzle light, shroom

nice to have: sable or satin taupe or wood winked

some other nice colors: haux, sketch, print, passionate

i know i am mostly natural hehehe but hope this helps in any way :biggrin:


Dec 29, 2007
Where the Grass is Greener, USA
I would also recommend looking up eye makeup applications on youtube...thats how I got hooked onto MAC. Just search for "MAC smokey eyes" or MAC purple and something should come up. Good luck!


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Sep 9, 2007
In my own world
Ones that I can't live without are:
Sketch and Trax (both purple colors, and look beautiful together.
Embark (dark chocolate brown)
Blanc type (high light color and a perfect one in my opinion)
Swiss Chocolate (nice medium reddish brown)
Soft brown (fabulous blend out color, I use this to blend out black, and its my fav)
Wedge (another good blend out color, especially on black)
Vanilla e/s
Naked pigment (the perfect nude color)
Print (awesome dark grey)
Graphology (cool dark blue gray color) nice for smokey eye
Hepcat (neat purple blue) awesome to blend into Swiss chocolate for a cranberry color