Help me figure this out?!

  1. Ok so I was at the LV store a couple weeks ago, looking for a first bag to buy.

    I saw something on the Damier line, it may have been a handbag or type of luggage, and it looked something like an oversized Speedy. I want to say the name started with a "G" but im not really sure. It had 2 handles just like the speedy and the middle opened up and zipped.

    I've tried looking online for this item and can't find it? Can you all help me please? TIA!:yes:
  2. I believe you're talking about the Ribera GM:


    I would have pulled up a bigger pic, but the LV website wouldn't load it. Is that the bag you're referring to?
  3. Thanks John. lol you are so funny with your big arrow!