help me figure out....

  1. what i should get before the price increase.
    I always want a black caviar jumbo. But I also want a black 227 reissue.

    Do you girls think it is too much to get a black 227 reissue if I already have a black 226? I really love my 226 but sometimes I feel like I need a bigger size. Or should I get a black jumbo caviar instead?

    Or should I get something totally different like a big brown cerf tote?

    hm.... help......

  2. if you have a 226 then Don't get a 227 in the same color
    Get the jumbo ...I love classic flaps and reissues

    I was thinking of getting the cerf tote also...I have that on my to do list for and see if its in my store and what colors
  3. i have so many things on my list that i want to buy.... darn, why does the price increase have to be so soon....
  4. does anyone have a pic of the jumbo and 227 reissue side by side? I would like to see how big it really is. I dont think I can go any bigger than 227.
  5. I would get the jumbo
  6. i think you should get the big brown or black cerf tote if i were you. you aleady got a reissue anyway.
  7. anybody else has any advice on which one to get?
  8. jumbo!!! sounds like the 226 and 227 are similar.
  9. I'd go for the classic flap or another tote, not the black reissue in 227 because it's to similar to the one you've got IMO. But you might like a grey reissue in 227 as another option.:smile:
  10. classic flap for sure!!