Help me figure out which Hermes bag I saw???

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  1. So I'm in NYC right outside Bergdorf Goodman, and a stunning older woman walks by with an even more stunning orange ostrich bag. It was similar to an Hermes bolide, but had some subtle differences: no little oval of leather near the top, and on the bottom, two little strips of leather came up either side for an inch or so, like the top half of an "H." In other words, the leather panel that usually comprises the bottom of a bolide overlapped up the sides of the bag a bit in a decorative way. I stopped her and asked her if she wouldn't mind telling me where she got her bag, and she said "Hermes." But I've been googling it, and it bears no resemblance to any Hermes bag I can find an image of!! Can anyone help me figure out what it was? I will stop by the NYC Hermes store next time I'm in NYC, but that won't be for several months...

    Thank you ladies...
  2. I'd repost this on the Hermes thread, I bet those ladies could tell you in a minute what you saw! Good luck :smile:
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