help me figure out which color this is...

  1. what color is this? ::: shopping on line

    the one in the picture, or if that's not clear, the top one in the zoom pictures

  2. That's what Chloe is calling Roche this season.
  3. No No,sorry's nor Roche but Galet,I've bought this color.It's a sort of pinkish grey.Depends on light it's sometimes beige,mastic,sometimes light grey.Also it can match all your wardrobe!
    I'm french,"Roche" means "rock",a "galet" is a soft and round(polished by water) stone you can find near the sea.Roche color is beautifull too but darker.Both are very versatile colors.
    I can't join my pict actually,but I've posted it in another thread about Chloé's colors.:smile:
  4. Now,I'm home,I can upload my files.On dictionary Galet is translated "pebble".
    detail paddy.JPG paddy.JPG
  5. thanks anilouann. i think your paddy is the exact one i want - where did you get it from?
  6. Thanks Daniela!I 've found my bag in the only shop which sell Chloé in Tours(Tours in a town near the place I live)But another PF member"crouner" has the same bag,and I'm quiet sure she has ordered her bag.
    Good luck!;)
  7. Daniela 127- I have the "loaf" or double zip paddington. See my avatar. It is in the galet color like anilouann's. I ordered it from the Chloe boutique in NY. I love the color!! Let me know if you have any questions!! :smile:
  8. ;) :smile: Hello Crouner!
  9. Erica from hgbags (or ECLUXE) on eBay has the roche and galet medium paddys on her auction. I think she may have some other colors as well. She sells only the real thing so you might want to contact her. Also, roz77772002 (on eBay), the BEST of eBay that I know of :yes: can probably get it for you as well. Good luck:smile::yes:
  10. beanie...thanks for the help BUT i can't buy it just yet...i just bought my mini paddy and if i pass the test i took today i'm going to buy a grenat bbag...this is just speculation about the future, i thought i'd start my research early.
  11. ooo this is the colour I was looking at yesterday - it is sooo lovely! The leather was way softer than the other colours too!
  12. Just looking at LVR - what name are they calling 'galet' - I cant see it in the list?
  13. The name of the color is galet. It was on the list the other day from LVR. They must have sold out of the color. I know when I bought mine from the Chloe boutique, it was spelled "gallet" on the Chloe tag.