Help me figure out what to get

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  1. hi again - sorry about all my questions, I'm new.
    I have about 10 Kate Spade purses and I would love to have something different. I love soft slouchy leather shoulder bags. Can someone throw some designers my way so I can start my search? I was looking at MJ and Coach, but there are no Coach stores here in Montreal, so I need to reply on ebay and the advice of others. What do you love for soft slouchy leather bags?
  2. Hi, what's your budget?

    Check out Munchkyn's thread on the Tano Gerard.
  3. Why don't you try Isabella Fiore in your local Holt Renfrew ? I think they're rather reasonably priced, and they had some great hobos last season, I'm not sure what's on for this one.
  4. I'd also check out Botkier....
  5. thanks!
  6. Sorry I have taken so long to reply! I was finally in Holt Renfrew's yesterday and almost passed out at the variety of designer bags that I had never seen in person before! I liked the Miu Miu bags. Anyone have any feedback on Miu Miu?