Help me figure out what to get


Mar 24, 2006
hi again - sorry about all my questions, I'm new.
I have about 10 Kate Spade purses and I would love to have something different. I love soft slouchy leather shoulder bags. Can someone throw some designers my way so I can start my search? I was looking at MJ and Coach, but there are no Coach stores here in Montreal, so I need to reply on ebay and the advice of others. What do you love for soft slouchy leather bags?
Why don't you try Isabella Fiore in your local Holt Renfrew ? I think they're rather reasonably priced, and they had some great hobos last season, I'm not sure what's on for this one.
Sorry I have taken so long to reply! I was finally in Holt Renfrew's yesterday and almost passed out at the variety of designer bags that I had never seen in person before! I liked the Miu Miu bags. Anyone have any feedback on Miu Miu?