Help me figure out flowers for my wedding!!!

  1. So I'm not very creative - well, I am - but I need hands-on visuals and practice. I'm not good at visualizing things and I wasn't one of those girls who grew up dreaming of my wedding. In fact, I always sort of envisioned me eloping - but that doesn't follow in the footsteps of my fiance's 2 older brothers. *le sigh*. So this is all new to me. Anyone love this stuff and wanna help me plan my colors? I'm getting married in October and we sort of have a fall theme going - but I don't want to be over the top, in-your-face, obnoxiously themed - I want it to be there in the background, sorta... you know?

    I'm missing the wedding bone in my body, I swear.

    ding bone in my body, I swear.

    I think I want my bridesmaids (there's only 2, including my maid of honor) in maroon... but I don't want them to look blah or bland... this is what I have in mind:

    But does it go with me and my dress and the look I've now set?

    And bouquets? I want mine to be different from theirs - but I don't know how to coordinate!

    I like the idea of calla lilies - but is that too springy for an October wedding? ((I'm in NY))

    I so far like something like this for me... I *think* - calla lilies in a deep wine to coordinate with their dresses:

    or a bit more elaborate?

    Or should I mix the deep flowers with white?

    And maybe having them each (there's only 2 bridemaids) hold one single long stem white calla lily? Or is that too minimalistic?

    or a small bouquet?

  2. [​IMG]
  3. I LOVE your dress & how you look in it! Darling!
    Love your bridesmaids dresses too!
    Dang, love your callas too. Think wine colored callas are great for fall.
    You have great taste! Myself I would keep the flowers simple. Don't take away from how gorgeous you look!
  4. Since your flowers are simple (if you are trying to be on a budge) order them and put them together youself since this is pretty basic arranging. You'll save LOTS and a single lilly for them is fine.

    Now, the dress. What is the shape of the girls? Honestly, you need to have them try things on instead of "picking" something and hoping it will work. What my best friend did (she only had two people too) is to have us pick it out with her "approval". We also got dresses we could use again, not just a throw-away dress. Just a thought.
  5. I don't think the idea of minimal flowers is too minimal. You could mix the calla lilies w/ something lighter and still have small bouquets. You could even tie them with ribbons that matched- like the dark red and white. I second doing yourself. You'll save a ton and what you have in mind is really simple.

    As for the dresses, seriously consider berry's suggestion. I was in a wedding for a friend and she told us to pick black dresses and gave a few minimal guidelines. I don't know if you want more control than that, like approval, but that worked out so much better than selecting a dress. We all were built very differently, some really tall, some short, some really busty, some with no chest, you get the idea. You girls can also try to stick to a bit more of a budget that way too. Just a thought.
  6. i personally love peonies...
  7. Calla lilies will go any time of year. My dil used them as her main flower for a Sept. wedding. You should've seen her table flowers, though--talk about over-the-top!

    I agree, simple is better, though I prefer the idea of a few for your maids, rather than one. Love your gown-it's simple and elegant.
  8. Love these!!!!
  9. Absolutely so totally true. One of the girls is bigger boned and post-baby - about a size 10, tall, with D-cup chest - so strapless is out of the question (according to her) - the other is also tall (both are tall compared to me - I'm 5'2) - I'd say about a size 6. I only have 2 girls in my bridal party (we're trying to keep it family). We're trying to go A-line because it would suit both of their bodies. We like this dress too - but these are just ideas - they have a big say on what they're wearing - and they gotta try stuff on.

    This but in a bordeaux-esq color:

    And then for the boys corsage's/pins - we're thinking a white calla lily and a smaller bordeaux-colored rose on the side (black magic rose) - sorta like this - but not with the white rose on the left, and no ribbon:
  10. I think this one is my favorite


    ehh...but I like the idea of incorporating roses too... Wahhhh decisions!!
  11. I like the calla lilies by themselves. Gorgeous!
  12. I love the color concept of the bridesmaid dresses. I personally love the maroon callas lilies alone..without any other flowers.
  13. Love this one! And I agree that they look best alone, not mixed. I had a semi-large bouquet with white n purple (was supposed to be all purple, but I had a problem w/ some of the roses) and a smaller bouquet of white for my bm's. I did all the flowers myself and saved SOOO much money. I could'nt believe the prices that the florists wanted to charge me. And your dress is TDF! I'll post a pic w/ my flowers so you can see.
  14. I absolutely LOVE your wine callas (#2 is my favorite) with your dress!
  15. I LOVE your wedding dress! The full skirt is stunning! Who is it by?

    As for flowers, SO and I are doing ALL ivory roses for our November 2008 wedding...very classic :smile: