Help me figure out a croc combo,my grail bag ........

  1. Just thinking about my grail bag, please suggest a combo: dark croc, matte (I think it's more durable) or shiny(it's so classy) , hardware (brushed/shiny & PH/GH)size (30/35),before I joined this forum for dark I would have just selected black......& now looking around here, I know there's graphite,havanne,anthracite,black........Don't say one of each, I can only order one......I'm 5'3" & a SAHM....
    What is your grail bag?
  2. Right now I am lusting over a Black 30cm Birkin w/pal hardware. I haven't figured out just yet what skin. What I have ruled out is Clemence and Togo.

    Oh to dream!!:sleepy:

    Oh BTW what is a SAHM?
  3. Stay at home mom, are dreaming in the right direction....
  4. Havane matt croc with gold is classic IMO.

    My second choice would be black matt.

  5. Lord knows I am trying!!:graucho::heart:
  6. Thanks golconda & amamxr, I need all the opinions I can get...
  7. I love the graphite matte croc or the rouge h matte that SJP has in one the the SATC episodes.
  8. I love 30cm Cocoan Porusus Croc with Palladium HW.
  9. since it would be your one and only (hopefully not) i would go for the full impact! shiny porosus croc a pop color (think violette, braise, saffron..) and then hardware matching to the color
    or if you want it to be more subdues what about shiny vert fonce or graphite both very versatile but more interesting than black ?
    do not get me wrong i love black and matte but on a one and only croc with it´s three dimensional optical features (that show better in shiny or lighter clolors) it would be a shame to let them go kwim?
  10. If I could get my hands on a croc Birkin, I would want it to be either Blue Indigo (this color has been haunting me ever since I saw that Blue Indigo croc Kelly Longue on the PaP 2008 runway, GAAAAH ...) or Braise in shiny croc with PH. It will be so divine!
  11. Lulilu, oh yes, the SJP bag,sigh.... love graphite too!
    Queenie, cocoan's another dark color to add to my consideration.
  12. Lilach, LOL, I promised DH when I get this bag, I'll never want another again,( Haven't we all done this?)so I have to get one to see me into my old age..... I do think that I am suppressing my love for shiny colors thinking along this line......Thanks for you input!
  13. Pursenality, blue indigo, that's another dark color, & braise brings to mind Star's gorgeous kelly!
  14. ^^Yep, that's a dark color. It's gorgeous, really. It might look dull on normal leather but on croc, the color just pops.
  15. Thanks Pursenality!