Help me!! Fendi spy bag

  1. I WANT, NEED, MUST HAVE the fendi spy that is white and metallic colors???? I have not bought anything but Gucci or LV in like 20 me out guys!! IS it a bag I can just call and order or is there a wait list...oh! and the name and color would be helpful!!

  2. Is it the hologram one???!!
  3. There was one for preorder on Neiman Marcus. Theres a silver/gold two tone and a gold/silver two tone version. I think the silver/gold is the one you're talking
  4. I guess I better start searching for pics...I just do not know a darn thing about these bags...I dont even know what a hologram is... (feel stupid) I obviously saw one somewhere and can not remeber where!
  5. [​IMG]
    this one?
  6. I think so!!! Where did you find that?? Im embarrassed to say that Bryonboy has one...maybe I should check his pic.
  7. Neiman Marcus, its in stock online. The other version is predominantly gold.
  8. Sunshine, please don't feel bad. There are so many colors of Spy that many people couldn't keep up. Check out this site for colors (setup by TFS members):
  9. I just saw his pics, 99% sure its the same bag
  10. That is THE ONE!! Its is that something I can carry casually??? (Im really stepping out of the box here..I seriously have not carried anything but gucci or LV for years) Im kind of wondering if its a dressy bag? I want it...bad...also are the like...last year...kind of thing? Or still in stlye. (you guys are the biggest source of information its wonderful) Thank you.
  11. Just buy what you love! Who cares what we think!!
    Everyone said the Green Baggy Gm was trendy and it turned into my FAVE BAG!!!
  12. Doesnt look too dressy to me. And for the still in style thing I guess it all depends on who you ask. I for one don't care, if i love it I'll carry it.
  13. OKay its ordered, should be here Tuesday. Thanks again for your help. (I think) the good news is my husband has NO idea how much these cost...$200 sounds good to me..... :smile:
  14. Congrats Sunshine. I'm looking to get a spy bag too!!! i just can't decide what color :biggrin:

    Post pics when you get it
  15. I will for sure...I have a gucci coming this week too...happy days!