Help me feel better about the expense!!!

  1. So I asked my husband to take our kids to pick out a present for me for Mother's Day:graucho: . I have everything I want, and just wanted something that they thought I would like....well, two of the 3 kids picked a small swarovski crystal flower (so...cute), but apparently my youngest didn't agree. The store was closing, she was throwing a fit:mad: , etc....and according to my husband marched up to a locked case and said that she wanted to buy me that bag right there!! Turned out to be a Judith Leiber pink jewelled evening bag:heart: . My husband got the bag, and my daughter gave it to me this morning (the kids couldn't wait to show off their presents). Long story drawing to a close.....that small bag cost more than any of my other designer bags:shocked: !! It was so....expensive! I am not cheap, but somewhat frugal, and am having a hard time imagining how to enjoy something that I know cost a freaking arm and a leg, and cannot even hold a lipstick!!!! Tell me it is a classic, tell me that it has sentimental value, tell me something to make me feel better:biggrin: about how much this little beauty cost!!
  2. :love: your family love you very much! and they know that you only deserve the best! how small is your new bag? i cant believe it - it cant hold a lipstick? :amazed: you are very lucky to have such a wonderful loving family! :amuse: you should post up some pics of your new bag for us too!
  3. I will post pics on Monday when I get to my office!! Yes I am really lucky....i have the best family....I just have a hard time seeing money being spent on such a luxury item, especially considering that we are not crazy wealthy!! And as for the size question...the bag is about six inches long, but only a inch deep....hence too small for anything but $$$ and a credit card (possibly a tampon, if it is an OB!!!) :smile:
  4. gosh I love ur youngest kid.. she is so considerate of her mom... i would love to see the pics of the new bag.. ur kid obviously has a good taste.. heheh.. btw, happy mother's day..
  5. wow! i just looked up how much these "bags" go for....that's crazy expensive, but they sure are pretty.

    You're very lucky to have such a wonderful family. I'd cherish it. (but, i'd feel guilty...but i also feel guilty about a $550 LV, so...)

    Enjoy it!
  6. Wow! be sure to post pics-- and congrats!
  7. I just checked Judith Leiber's site. WOW WOW WOW! Very expensive, but gorgeous. The jeweled bags are the most expensive, I love the bags that are shaped like a cat and frog. :biggrin: :heart:

  8. OMG, I have to buy this one!

    These are the cutest bags ever, I would never use them because I'd be scared of ruining them but wow, just having one would make me crazy with happiness. :love:
  9. Annemerrick, enjoy it, cherish it - and tell yourself you jolly well deserve it! :biggrin:

    Seriously, the bag may have cost an arm and a leg but it's something you'll surely treasure for the rest of your life. Try not to feel guilty about it, just tell your family over and over again how much you love it!
  10. just enjoy it, and cherish your bag and your family :biggrin:
    gosh, I love Judith Lieber bags, I am always transfixed by the counter when I go to Harrods in London. ooooh you lucky girl :smile:
  11. They are beautiful! Can't wait to see a pic. If you think you will use it when you go out enjoy it! But, as a Mom with many things to spend my $ on I know how you feel. Happy Mothers Day!
  12. Enjoy your bag and don't feel guilty! You are worth it and your family loves you. That's a really great family you've got there!!
  13. Your youngest sure knows how to treat her mommy right! She's a keeper! :biggrin:

    All kidding aside, you have to keep the bag. Not only is it a gorgeous evening bag you can use forever, it's a great/sweet story that'll become part of your family history.

    Plus, your DH wouldn't have purchased it if it was totally unreasonable, right? Just tell him not to do it again, especially if your youngest picks out a diamond encrusted croc birkin for you next time.... :lol:

  14. First sweetie, do you know who much joy your husband and those little girls got when they bought that for you? A lot.

    Second, forever, you will look at that and remember when the girls were little and they bought it for you.

    Judith Leiber bag-expensive
    Your kids and the joy they bring- priceless.

    Enjoy it and stop fretting. Life is too short.
  15. :flowers::flowers::flowers: Happy Mother's Day! :flowers::flowers::flowers:
    What a lovely thing to get as a gift! Your daughter obviously knows what her mother loves, and your DH does, too, and who cares about the price! Your family loves you far more! Enjoy! You deserve it!

    P.S. Can't wait to see the pics!