Help Me, Eye Shadow Experts!!!

  1. I have seen the threads with everyone's beautiful eyes -- thanks for posting! I have a cocktail party tomorrow night, and I would love to do something pretty with my eyes. I usually just wear ivory eye shadow, black eyeliner, and mascara when I dress up. My dress is saffron yellow and I am wearing chocolate brown satin sandals. I have attached a picture of my eyes (sans makeup), but I am a lot tanner now and my hair is lighter. I guess I am just not sure what would look good with my eye color. Also, my eyes can appear different colors and they are a mix of blue, green, and grey. So eye makeup would probably effect that. And, finally, I am in my late 20s so I don't want anything too young (glitter, anything too garish). Thanks so much for your help!
    me and jennster.jpg
  2. I have the same eye colouring as you and often wear golds and coppers, which would compliment your eyes as well as your outfit.
  3. ^Thanks so much! I think I had copper a long, long time ago and I remember that I liked it and it brought out the green (as I recall).
  4. try a copper or a deeper gold with an eggplant or smoky plum color to contrast..either in the "v" and to line. That would look great!
  5. Put on the dress and look at your eyes. See what color the dress brings out, and choose your eye shadow colors to intensify that.

    For example, if the dress makes your eyes look especially blue, use shades of brown to make that blue pop even more.

    While you should never try to "match" eye shadow to your clothing, that does not mean that you cannot nod cordially toward it here and there, for example, instead of your usual ivory right under the brow, you might see how a very pale gold with just a smoosh of shimmer looks.

    And try different browns, cool ones, warm ones, see which ones do what for your skin and your eyes, in combination with the dress.

    While there is unfortunately nothing that can beat plain old trial and error in selecting the right shades, your mirror will tell you instantly when you have hit the jackpot of that magic combination!
  6. I would do a subtle smoky eye with rich brown and gold on you.

    If you can still find it, MAC's Smoking Eyes quad is so great for subtle and not-so-subtle smoky eyes. It is such a great collection of neutrals that all go together. I could take just that quad on a trip and be set for eye shadow, day or night.
  7. Thanks for the help, ladies. I ended up getting Loreal HIP eye duo in saucy. I saw lots of people on here say great things about the HIP line, and the duo had a dark brown and copper. I played with the colors and found that I liked to mix both to have my eyes somewhat dark to the crease (with a bronze tone). I then put some beige along the brow line and blended, and finished with black liner and mascara. Hopefully I will successfully re-create the look tonight. Thanks!