Help me!!!, EUGENIE EPI or KOALA damier??

  1. I wanna buy a new wallet this X'mas, but really difficult to choose between these two~

    Pls help me:smile:)))))))
  2. I love the EUGENIE EPI. It holds so many cread cards.
  3. I'd go with the eugenie ... more user friendly and love the window for i.d. or pics.
  4. The Eugenie..i think longer wallets look more elegant :yes:
  5. I vote for eugenie too. It's more classy IMO.
  6. Eugenie!!!
  7. I vote for the damier koala. I love the gorgeous red interior, the push lock and the damier print in this wallet!
  8. It's a hard choice :[
    But I would have to go with
    EUGENIE EPI, I love the epi
    and am not a big fan of damier.
    Besides its also a little more practical
  9. :heart:I have the damier koala and I rather have the Eugenie. I also have a black mc pochette wallet I love.
  10. Another vote for Eugenie - it's much easier to get into and get what you need.
  11. i vote for eugenie too! i think its more elegant. i love the buckle!
  12. Eugenie - I love the style
  13. koala damier, can be fit inside the smaller bag or bigger bag easily....
  14. I vote for the Eugenie Epi! :yes:
  15. I purchased the Eugenie and returned it because I thought it was HUGE for a wallet. To me it was almost as big as a clutch. I recently bought the Damier Koala and I just love it. Most people picked the Eugenie but like I said it was way too big for my needs.