HELP ME! eBay Fraud, and now I don't know what to do!!!

  1. Hi all,

    I am totaly panicing here. I need to file as many fraud claims as I can to this one jerk who sold my dad 2 gold coins but never delivered them - but I'm not exactly sure how to go about it. My dad filed a paypal claim, and they gave him back $175.00 - and said they are still "investigating" into getting the money, etc. I have also filed an Item Not Received complaint with ebay, but the seller has NARUed. Damn. The telephone number that they listed on eBay is to a hotel restaurant somewhere ( I googled it) and I can't find their address anywhere on paypal. Damn damn damn! This is all so frustrating. I don't know what to do...I can't even think straight.

  2. sorry hun, can't help with ebay, but if you want to find the seller, if you have his name & general area you should be able to trace him by checking voters registers etc.

    good luck with it.
  3. I think you have done everything right...and not much more that you can do but to wait for paypal to try to get your money back.
    The seller is probably NARUed for not paying his bill....but paypal can still get the money back.
    The last thing I can think of is to file a complaint with your credit card company (or your Dad's) ...they will put more pressure on paypal to cough up the money!
  4. Also..did you try requesting their contact information from ebay? This is the phone # & address they need to list with ebay when they join...and if I'm not mistaken it has to match the credit card they used to register.
  5. Definitely contact your credit card company. I hope this gets sorted for you.
  6. Thanks Twiggers. I (or my Mom since she is on the account) will try to call American Express today or tomorrow to see what they can do. My dad wasn't the only one ripped off by this jerk - two other people were also. I have contacted one of them to let them know that I am also filing as many claims as possible and to see if they would want to work with me.
  7. Yep, did that. No address was given to me, and the phone number registered was to a restaurant.
  8. Definitely do the credit card thing....print out all your emails from paypal, ebay (including your invoices)...and have all that ready for the CC company (since you got some of your money back they may ask for this other stuff).
  9. UPDATE: I have just filed a complaint with Hopefully something comes out of it...
  10. definitely contact amex, they're great about getting your money back when it comes to fraud.
  11. Amex will refund your money and fast, definitely contact them, they are great to deal with and very helpful!
  12. good luck keep us posted.

    Now I understand why my dad won't risk it in selling his coins on ebay.
  13. Chloehandbags,

    They had pretty much all perfect feedback (except for one random negative for having "late payment") up until after my dad had bought the two coins. Basically, this person put up the coins and sold them to about 4 people - but never sent them out. They were a member since 2003 and NARU'ed in June. Damnnnn.
  14. You can also file a claim with the post office because it is mail fraud!!! Which I believe is a federal offense.
    Good luck!