Help me dream about Kelly!

  1. OK, here is my dreamin' about a Kelly thread. I am so in love with this bag I like it in almost any color or leather!
    But i am thinking neutral...size? 28 or 32? Leather? Box? Something else?
    If anyone has vintage Kelly pics (or any you'd like to share here!) let me see them so I can dream! :girlsigh:

    :heart: :heart: :heart:
  2. Aww CB I don't have any pics to add but we all know who is the queen of vintage kellys lol!! You want vintage? No color preference? Hmmm!!! We'll have to start looking for you!!
  3. shopmom's got the vintage kelly collection! :smile:

    leather, box! maybe a black box with GH? it doesn't get more classic than that! :biggrin:
  4. here ya go, CB -- my vintage kelly that just arrived last week. the specs are:
    • 35cm
    • sellier
    • black
    • box calf
    • brass hardware
    it's probably not your dream bag, but what do you like and not like about it? too big? prefer retourne? or a color other than black?

  5. Nice bag DQ! Yummy!

    Now black is SUCH a classic color....but, what about something in a warm tone? It would KICK BUTT with your coloring! Something warm like a caramel color or a chocolate color? Or gold? You look great in gold!

    Hmmm...something to ponder, yes?

    My two bits.

    Oh, and for size, you could rock ANY size! You're petite enough for the 28 and tall enough for the 35! I was thinking 32 for you but, hey! ANY of them would be great!
  6. here is mine CB
    38yrs old
    Brass hardware
    Box calf
    HPIM0680.JPG HPIM0681.JPG HPIM0684.JPG
  7. Based on what I remember from your H in action pix--I think a 28 rigide or 32 souple in Box or other leather would totally work on you. Do you wear more browns or blacks--based on your current collection, I'm guessing browns? Either Black, Brown, Gold or Rouge H I think would look fabulous on you.
  8. I like the one shopmom got! The chocolate box sellier would look gorgeous on you!
  9. I wish I could send you pics of a Kelly...but I can't :sad:((
    So I'm going to dream with you :smile:))
    I think a 32cm in box leather would be a good start for this dream.....
  10. For a vintage Kelly, probably black box is easiest to find?
    I think you can go for either a 28 or 32. I like black box in 28 a lot as it works very well day to night.
    In retourne, it will hold a lot too.
    I have not seen a gold box Kelly. But chocolate box is beautiful.
  11. CB, I am so glad you started this thread. There will be a lot of drooling going on!

    It will be so much fun to "shop" with you!
    I think you are probably looking at all leather, but I thought this would be a great spot to post the pic of the incredible navy box and toile kelly 2 cm that was on LZ for 10 seconds before it was snapped up!! (hopefully by a PFer)

    Here is a link to the rest of the pics on LZ, but I dont know how long they will be there...hopefully forever becasue this bag is so gorgeous! (sigh)

    LUXURY-SHOPS.COM - Hermes, 28cm Kelly, Handbag
    navy tiole.jpg
  12. H, sorry I don't have any pics to add, either. But, I agree with A-T-G, a warm color for you - brown, gold, brique or even classic black would be great with your complexion. I think a 28 or 32 would look fantastic on you!

    Where's our resident vintage kelly expert?!? S'mom?!??
  13. CB, I'd love to help you find your Kelly!
    The Ultimate is black box! I love it in a 32 retourne or 28cm Sellier. Can't remember whether you prefer sellier or retourne?
    Also, how about one that is usedbut not necessarily vintage? I also LOVE chocolate in box or chevre!
  14. so pretty, i thought we needed to paste the pic in the thread:

  15. I love vintage supple (retourne) Kelly in Black, Rouge H, or Navy Box leather !
    28, 32, 35 are all very versatile IMO.

    what about vintage croc :graucho: ?