Help me! Does anyone has Fendi Spy in White or Ivory??

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  1. #1 Aug 23, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 23, 2008
    Help me please!! My friend want to sell it to me.But I didn't close to her.So I didn't sure that is an authentic one or not. She said that it's white but not sure that's a really white or ivory-white.I will meet her in person on Monday or Tuesday.So I don't have time to take a photo and post it in Authenticate this's Tread.Just look at item if it's ok and then pay for it immediately.So I'm asking for your help.I want pictures of this bag to proof it. If anyone has it on your own. Please take photos for me. I need to see...
    1. All hardware. I want to know that it's gold or silver.
    I see in picture but i'm not sure about that.I think the white one is silver.The ivory is gold. Am I right?
    2.The leather which imprint the serial number.(a long leather which imprint number inside the bag)
    3.Fendi metal plate inside the bag.
    4.Fendi wand.
    5.Hologram and fendi code (I can't translate the code. If someone know about it. Please explain it to me)
    Please send it to or PM me please. Thank in advance.
  2. How much are you spending on this bag(you dont really have to answer this if you dont want to, just think about it)? It might be a better idea to use that money to buy a Spy you know is authentic! Otherwise I would ask her to send you pictures before you meet so you can post them here and be 100% sure. If she doesnt want to send you the pix I'd be a little nervous about going thru with the transaction! What is she trying to hide, right?
  3. I agree with Cleo. Ask her for photos. We're generally not in the habit of sending authentication points (how would we know it won't be used to aid scammers?), but are more than happy to authenticate specific items with photos.