Help me detect the brand/designer!

  1. Hi, I'm a newcomer here and I need your help!

    This October Russian Vogue issued an appendix on shoes and purses. There was a wristlet on the cover, but no reference on the brand or designer. Needless to say that it was the best bag of the issue and the only unlabeled one :rolleyes:

    I'll try to describe it: navy-blue, round, leather, firm, with a large textured (3D) stylised letter "B." on its front face.

    Does anyone know this model? Or which designer / brand might put "B." on their bags?

    Many thanks in advance!
  2. Sorry, I haven't seen the cover - Why don't you try to send them an e mail

    Hope it helped.
  3. Thanks, antonello, I tried it but no reply yet. Actually don't hope to get any as I could never get Vogue's office by phone - they just don't pick up.

    But any suggestions about "B."? It must be a designer bag if it is in Vogue, must not it?
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