Help me destroy a fake Cerises wallet!

  1. So, I got burned with a fake cerises wallet (see pic) before I found this forum and knew much about LV, I came across it while cleaning last night and figured it'd be fun to publicly destroy it by whichever way gets the most votes!

    I can do just about anything to it; set fire to it, use it for target practice or as a kitty scratching post, run it over..., you name I'll do it and record the results for all to see.

    OK, on with the suggestions!
  2. Socialite can help!!! He's done it before! :p
  3. I'd like to see it burn. :sweatdrop:
  4. I say Graffiti Cherry since im an expert LOL :lol: :lol: :lol: get some correction fluid (I dont know if you call it this in the US but its white) and paint graffiti over the cherries saying "Fake"...Experiment and have fun !
  5. Is it my computer or is the pic teeny tiny? I see it but not close-close. As far as a destroying it method....I have one word. Doodie.
  6. Well yeah that'd be fun, but not quite the proper death it deserves, maybe that stuff will make it more flammable... :devil:
  7. I would burn it.
  8. Yeah it is teeny-tiny lol, I don't have it with me at work so i tried hunting down a photo of one on the internets.
  9. I say, run it over with your car, use it as a dog toy, and then, set it on fire :graucho:
  10. burn it! :roflmfao:
  11. LoL, have fun!!!
  12. Running it over would be hilarious! So would be playing batting practice with it ;)
  13. Burn baby burn...the wallet needs a slow and painful death!! :devil:
  14. Run it over with a car isn't good enough because your wallet can't feel the pain.
  15. Stab it, cut and slice it, melt it .