Help me!! Designing advice!

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  1. Ok I am renovating all of our bathrooms. I need some help finding sconces.

    This is for the master bathroom, the vanity is dark/black with a creamy marble top.

    Here are the mirrors:

    The floor is a porcelain with beiges and creamy tones, kind of distressed. The hardware will be the silvertones.

    I need to find 3 sconces before I pick out the faucets. Feel free to post your links and pictures!!!

    I am desperate! I just cant seem to find anythign I like.

    Thanks in advance!!!!
  2. picture of mirror:
  3. I love doing crap like this. how bout this one?

  4. [​IMG]
  5. I would check out a lighting store or an antique/design salvage yard. My mom BFFs boyfriend is a designer and that where he gets all his goodies. Flea markets, estate sales ect. So much of whats made today to look old is just cheap crap.
  6. I like that first sconce with the mirror. Just finished my bathrooms but the styles are totally different so I probably won't be much help. Sorry.
  7. Have you tried Kirkland Home? I LOVE that store!!