help me deside pochettex???


which accessories pochette should i buy?

  1. Monogram

  2. Epi

  3. Damier

  4. Damier Azur.

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. which pochette should i buy?:shame:

    Monogram, Epi ( if so witch color ), Damier, or Damier Azur.
  2. sorry ladys for the bad spelling error very very sorry..
    please vote tho
  3. What will you be using it for? If as a make up bag or to hold items in another bag then damier, or mono. If as a clutch, then Epi or azur.
  4. ill be useing it as a clutch......
  5. Ok, voted Damier azur only because I think it would be so pretty at Spring and Summer outdoor weddings.

  6. Love the Azur Speedy, it's my newest love! :love: So I definitely recommend you to get it! :nuts:
  7. i love my azur!!! I chose that!
  8. I'm stuck between the Damier Azur and Epi
  9. I like the monogram.
  10. I like mono
  11. I voted for mono and azur. A girl needs to be able to choose!
  12. I'm in love w/ Red epi now =))
  13. Damier azur :smile:
  14. Red epi! :love:
  15. I love the Damier Azur!