***Help Me Decorate My Office...See Pic****

  1. I need some ideas on how to complete decorating this space that I have. In the photo to the upper left, I have two shelves (which are longer than what is displayed in the pic)

    thanks for your advice!!:yahoo:

  2. Is this in your home? Can you do whatever you want, or is it in your workplace and can only do certain things?

    For one, the color needs to be more pleasing...IMO....
  3. this was taken from my camera phone. lol thats why its not as clear as it should be.

    But this is taken from my workplace. I was told by my job that I am encouraged with decorating. I just need some ideas if you have any.

    my only limits is that i cannot paint the walls (obviously lol:rolleyes:) and if i put up pictures, they cant have like explicit and inappropriate images.
  4. Haha....this made me think of that show The Office. I love that show. Did you ever go to the website? Dundermifflin.com...it actually has a section where ppl send in pics of their work offices decorated.

    I'd definitely add some pics of loved ones to make it more homey. Maybe a plant or two. And some cool paper weights or desk ornaments.
  5. How about a plant or 2?

    I like the "non-office" lamp. You could switch that around if you wanted (like one with a shade of colored glass/Tiffany-style)
  6. How about adding a shelf or two....are you allowed?
    Some art
    [​IMG]Since you couldn't burn a candle, how about some scented oils?
  7. All of the above stuff came from target.com...so it's relatively cheap. Maybe you could also add a decorative clock.....so you could countdown the minutes until quitting time...lol.
    [​IMG]This is actually a kitchen clock, so it will be small enough for a work office. :smile:
  8. I think a couple of plants and lamps would spruce it up nicely.

  9. I love your choices:yes:
  10. Pick things that will make you happy to look at all the time! My last job I decorated my office and I just had things around me that made me comfortable and happy to be around.
  11. I would do some pictures in colors that you really like and then put complimentary accessories on the shelves also I love picture frames and mirrors they make rooms look a lot bigger!
  12. Thanks!!!:smile:
  13. WOW! you guys have great tastes, and some fabulous ideas!!
  14. They say to have a pic at eye level of some type of outdoor scenery...I have always heard that it is supposed to calm you down and make you think of happy places!

    I have a pic of me and my family sitting in front of a waterfall at Estes, Park CO. That does it for me!
  15. Add art!! You can get almost any kind of framed print at art.com. Also, if your boss has a sense of humor, check out despair.com. Hilarious!