Help me deciding, please :-) (modeling shots)

3 pink bags: what should I choose?

  • Speedy 25 rose poudre (brand new)

    Votes: 30 50.8%
  • Montaigne BB rose poudre (brand new)

    Votes: 23 39.0%
  • Montaigne MM rose ballerine (pre-loved)

    Votes: 6 10.2%

  • Total voters
Apr 25, 2015
Hi everyone!
Many of you already know that I'm torn between 2 bags: Speedy 25 in rose poudre vs. Montaigne BB in rose poudre.
I've already discussed this topic in another thread, but I didn't post any pic (because I didn't have any)
Recently I had the opportunity to try them and now I can post some modeling shots (sorry for the bad outfit, but that day I was running late at work…).
I slightly prefer the style of the Montaigne, but I'm afraid that a pink BB looks too small and girly on me (for reference, I'm almost 38 years old and I'm 170 cm tall, which is a bit less than 5,6).
Honestly, if there was a Montaigne MM in rose poudre, I would get it! Hand down! But it doesn't exist...
So, recently I found a third alternative on ebay: a preloved Montaigne MM in rose ballerine. It is in excellent conditions and the seller asks for the retail. So, among the 3 bags, this one would be the most expansive. Do you think it is worth?

I can afford just one…

Thanks in advance!