Help me deciding for my first LV, please !!!

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  1. So I have spent wayyyyy too much time reading everybody, trying to make my list of wishes shorter in the LV section.
    I am going back to Paris next week (I m in Denmark right now) and I want to purchase my first LV bag .....(Chanel will follow later;) )
    So ladies experts please help !
    My style is mostly casual girl, I wear jeans and flats most of the time....but feminine and trendy. This bag has to last forever though. Here is a pic of me if it can help saying which bag would suit me :amuse:
    I usually don t carry that much in it.

    Here is my long list.....

    Mono : Papillon 26 or 30
    Speedy 25 or 30
    Damier: Papillon
    Vernis : Bedford in noisette this colour fragile ?
    Epi : Speedy mandarin or myrtille.......

    I am into "doctor bags shapes" or "cylindrical". I know there is a lot of Speedy fans here, but any owners of the other bags as well could tell how are they to use ? pros and cons ?

    Thank you SOOO much for your help to a novice.
    Oh:worried: I have another concern....I have a friend who can gets me 20% off in her local LV store, but that means that I ll have to ask to see the bags in Paris, and then leave with nothing....How to face the judging SAs ?

  2. Speedy 30. Love mine!
  3. All great chiuces, but have you looked at the damier duomo?
    Its definitely a doctor stye, a new bag ,and to me takes the place of a speedy (just more structured) if you don't want both. The only thing is its a little pricey.
  4. I have to say Vernis is my favorite!
  5. Speedy..
  6. Speedy is so classic!! You'll have it forever! I got my first one 20 years ago!!
  7. speedy or papillon
  8. I love Speedy and Papillon!:love: I don’t think it matters just browsing bags in a LV boutique.;)
  9. Speedy 30 {my first} Not all; but most 'collections' began with a durable, timeless....a true classic [IMO]

    Congrats on your upcoming purchase .!.

    LV + ME = :love::love::love::love: :love: :love:
  10. ^sorry, I Answered That Really Fast! Don't Worry About Not Buying In Paris (Isn't It Worth It For 20% Off?!!! ~ Super Sweet Friend!). Do Not Worry About The SA's. You Take Your Time & Try The Bags. At The End You Politely Tell Them ~ You Need To Think It Over.....The Speedy Is Great...I Just LOVE The Papillon. I Think When You Try Them ~ You Will Know What Feels Best......BTW ~ Love Your Picture...You Are Very Pretty!
  11. speedy 25 in mono and mandarin.
  12. Speedy 30

  13. Thank you, you re so sweet !! I can t wait to see those babies myself:love:
  14. Speedy 30 in Mono or mandarin
  15. Speedy was my first LV, so I would have to go with Speedy [​IMG]
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