help me decideeee!!!

  1. okay so FINALLY, after being in new york so often the past couple weeks, i'm gonna be able to go to my boutique to see my SA and pick up my latest purchase on hold for me. however, i'm gonna have some extra dough, so help me decide, what should i get??

    i'll have around $800, maybe a little more.

    should i get:
    black MC porte monnaie billets

    amarante reade pm (i'm picking up my amarante sunset boulevard so i am already getting something amarante)

    damier koala change purse AND koala bracelet?

    maybe someone has other suggestions?? i'm pretty open. wish i'd have enough at that point, i want an epi lockit so bad but it will have to wait!
  2. from your wishlist, it seems like you haven't bought a wallet recently, so I suggest the black MC porte monnaie billets! maybe you can also pick up an amarante cles and knock that off your wishlist too!
  3. ^^^ i like that

  4. hmm, good point. depending on how much i've got. wish i could knock the bracelet off as well as the billets, but we'll see. and i only have one wallet! i know i'm due for one. i'm just wondering if i should get something big or a few little things. sometimes i'm like why would i spend that much on something little when i could have a whole new BAG for that amount??
  5. Ugh I totally feel the same way. That's why I haven't bought my monogram wallet yet because i could add $200 to it and get a whole new purse! LOL! I say go for a bag!!!:p
  6. lol looks like friday will be a big day for both of us :p

    and i knowwww which is why i was like damn, wish the epi speedy wasn't so much or i'd go for that. lol. just no way to get the extra funds this time. i'm out of stuff to sell that i don't want anymore. lol.
  7. this is true. however, you are already picking up a bag - your sunset boulevard! so you'll be getting a bag already, and it would be awesome to pick up some small stuff as well!

    I know, the small stuff adds up to almost a bag, but if you always reason like that, then you'll NEVER get any cute small leather goods or accessories! and that would be bad!

    but if you really really want, you could just tuck that $800 away and put it towards the epi lockit, and so you could get that even sooner...hmm...good luck deciding!
  8. Well, since you and I have similar taste in bags I am sure I'll like whatever you decide! I've been wanting a Koala wallet forever so I am going to go with that. I think the Damier looks good with Amarante.

    Have fun and tell us what you get!
  9. I think the wallet would be an excellent choice! It's really gorgeous, and super useful!
  10. i knowwww. lol i've always thought this. so i'll probably end up with a couple small things but if i see the amarante reade and fall in love i may just have to have it. lol. and i thought about saving the money for the lockit but i have been itching to get to new york as my sunset blvd. has been on hold for me since june 15th! the reason i waited so long was so that i would have a couple paychecks to buy some other stuff when i went to pick it up. lol i neeeeeed to buy something else ;)
  11. Those are all good choices. I guess my favorite would be the black MC Porte Monnaie Billets. I agree you're due for a wallet. But that Damier Koala change purse is awful cute too! Ack...I'm no help.
  12. lol i know. i'm thinking i may wait on the daimer change purse as i only have one piece of damier right now, i don't HAVE to have something to match it yet. i think i will be getting a duomo for my birthday (or a berkeley, not sure yet) so if i get a duomo and ask if i can have something to match it, maybe dad will say i can have the bigger koala rather than the smaller change purse :p lol.
  13. Black MC Porte Monnaie Billets gets my vote. :tup:
  14. Gosh --- I would wait to get the Lockit as I always want to get a new bag. With $800, you're almost there! Then the accessories can be bought a bit later.

    Whatever you decide, you'll always get to scratch something off of your wish list so you'll really be ahead either way!! Good luck!!
  15. All great chioces. To hard to pick just one