help me decidee..

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  1. #1 Sep 30, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 30, 2010
    hi everyone,

    i've been on tpf for quiet sometime, but i haven't really posted much yet.

    i need your help! so i'm thinking to get a speedy 30, but i keep changing my mind on whether i want to get an azur speedy or a damier ebene speedy...

    i originally was so sure that i wanted the azur.. but then the ebene is sooo low maintenance and i feel like i would wear it so much more often than the azur. but then.. i think my next bag after the speedy will be the trevi... which means that i'll be getting another ebene pattern.

    soooo what do you think?

    ohh and i already have a tivoli gm.. so that's why i want to get a speedy. it just feels odd for building my lv collection without any speedies..:rolleyes:

  2. Get the trevi first.
  3. Hmm. Well, do you plan on making the Trevi your everyday bag? If so, save up for the Trevi. But do get your everyday bag first, and always go with what you'll actually use.:smile:
  4. Go for the Azur Speedy since you're planning to get the Trevi after this purchase :smile:
  5. hmmmmmmmmmm... if only lv will make the trevi in damier azur in the near future . :love:
  6. ^If you look at the Trevi clubhouse you'll find a Trevi GM in Azur as there was a point in time when they accepted special orders to make the Trevi in both Azur and Mono.
  7. I would go for the Azur if you will be getting the Trevi!
  8. Everytime I see an Azur Speedy it makes me smile. It's just a fun and fresh bag. I say go for this one first.
  9. I would go for Azur Speedy.
  10. Azur speedy! Get some leather protector and you will be fine!
  11. i'd get the ebene one.. since it's your only speedy! it's deff low maintenance!
  12. I would get the Azur Speedy, not a fan of the ebene one (:*
  13. am i the only one who doesnt like the Trevi?? I think I might be. I say go for the ebene speedy, it is SOO low maintenence, and I have found that the handles on the azur wear worse. I have a friend who has the azur speedy and the handles look terrible. She takes good care of her bags too.
  14. LOL, HeavenAF, you're not the only one. I'm not a huge fan of the Trevi either. OP, whenever I make a purchase, I do two things... first, I go to the store and try things on more than once. I've found that if I go back on several different days and keep looking at the same items, I know whether I really love them or if they're just a fling. Second, I try to make sure that whatever I purchase, I think about both beauty AND practicality. No matter how useful a bag is, if I don't really love it, I won't carry it. And vice versa, if a bag is just gorgeous but won't work for my needs, it's a waste. Therefore, it's all about finding a balance. If I like the way it looks AND carry it around in the store a couple of times with my things inside and I still want it, then I know in the end it's the right one!

  15. I agree. And to answer your question, I'd get the Speedy in Ebene.