help me decidee!

  1. hi all, i'm new here!

    i just visited a chanel boutique at Nordstrom at the topanga mall in canoga park yesterday and now i really want one. i've never had a chanel before, but have been wanting one for awhile. i've narrowed it down to the large cambon tote or the baby cabas. i'm currently a student and am built fairly on the small side (onli 5'2"!) which would you guys recommend? and if anyone has seen either of these in socal stores for less than retail price (i am a student after all), pls let me know! thankss! :biggrin:
  2. Def. Baby Cabas!! Nordstrom downtown seattle has one in black. It retails for $1995 .. CMIIW. for further information call Tomoko.

    (I personally don't like Cambon style - so many fakes)

    Good luck
  3. what other colors does the baby cabas come in?
  4. As far as I know, the Baby Cabas comes in Black, Teal, Dark silver, Khaki, Dark Bronze, and white. HTH
  5. awesome! thanks ch3rrybl0ss0ms!
  6. oh and correct me if i'm wrong..but it costs $1995 right now right? just double checking.
  7. Yes it is $1995. :yes:
  8. I vote baby cabas as well. Younger, hipper. (I do like cambon though)
  9. baby cabas! it's so cute.
  10. baby cabas!!!
  11. Baby cabas. Wayyy too many fakes of Cambon like someone said but seems too teenage to me? Just my opinion, tho.
  12. another vote for the baby cabas
  13. yep, another cabas vote here :biggrin:
  14. wow thanks you guys! haha i guess it's baby cabas for me then. i do wish i could see it in person though. i've been searching...but i've put in an order already and hopefully it'll come through. does anyone know how the return policy works at the reg chanel boutiques in case of the small chance i don't like it?
  15. glad to hear you decide with the cabs. chanel boutique has 14 day return or exchange policy