Help Me Decided My Next Bbag !

  1. I am just sooo overwhelm when it comes to Bbags as everyone else....:nuts:..I love all of these colors !! Never been enough..I just put my name for Seagreen and Periwinkle for 2007 at Bal NY with Sara (she is just a sweet girl !!). I just got an offer for City Ink, City Blueberry and City Rouge Vif. So far I only have Twiggy Gres Fonce (I think from s/s 2006 ??).
    Let me know what you think ! Thanks, ladies
  2. WOW,:nuts: if you have an offer for INK City, i would say go for it. It is a gorgeous and popular color.:graucho:
  3. How could you not pass up an offer for an ink city? :nuts: It's definitely one of the best colors. Plus you should get a city if you don't have one yet. :graucho:
  4. I totally agree with the ladies above. Go for the ink city! I have an ink day and it is absolutely beautiful! Good luck!
  5. Nanaz,
    I love talking to you :love::love:....The Blueberry is the one on ebay (she sent me several additional pics) that you mentioned yesterday. You do think INK better than Blueberry ? :nuts::graucho:....ha..ha...It is just so overwhelm !! Thanks, sweetie :love:
  6. Now that you have an offer for INK City, i would say yes :yes: INK over Blueberry. It is an amazing color and every one's favorite.:yahoo:
  7. Pewter, my God,you are adorable :love:...Thanks alot...City will definitely my next choice without any question. :nuts:
  8. Dancing_Queen, thanks gorgeous :wlae:...I have set my love to INK now !! :love:..Yippi....Ink, here I comes !!:yahoo:
  9. Hi Nanaz, I just emailed the seller now. I do need to send the payment sometimes today, so it arrive tomorrow since I will be leaving on Friday !! I got my Twiggy from her !! She is pretty quick in responding.
  10. I just bought an ink city and even though I am letting her go I would say if you are into neutrals the ink is the best. It is a beautiful color and changes with the light. I can totally see why so many people love ink. For me it just wasn't pink and I have issues. Anyway congrats and post pics when you get a chance!!!
  11. Hi, Thanks alot. Bal NY has City in Pale Pink if you want per yesterday. You can call them if you are interested.:idea:
  12. Thanks littlemedave!! Pale pink is the only color pink I am not interested in. Too light for me.
  13. Ha..ha..I agreed, I honestly prefer pink from previous season and I don't know why they don't make in those color :crybaby:....