Help me decided: Luxury bowler or Luxury flap

  1. Hi gals

    I have searched high and low and finally found a luxury black bowler, but alas in the metallic which was my 2nd option (the deerskin was my first, as I prefer softer leather). However after seeing so many wonderful pictures of the luxury flap, I am undecided!!! I'm more of a shoulder bag person but I so adore the shape of the bowler. Plus is the metallic is stiffer so harder to carry on the shoulder? Advice please!! Thanks!! :confused1: :confused1:
  2. I have the luxury bowler in black, and the leather' s so soft and smooshy. And, it's gorgeous!!
  3. When i bought my bronze luxe flap i was in the same situation as you. I loved the shape of the bowler as well as the flap. although i am not too much of a shoulder bag girl, i went with the flap. I still love both.....but the SA helped me in deciding. THe flap is more classic than the bowler also the flap holds its shape more. hope this helps. Both styles are beautiful - i hope you find the one you like.
  4. I agree.BOTh are TDF! Cant go wrong with either!
  5. They're both beautiful bags but I prefer the bowler.
  6. I prefer the flap. I guess it comes down to personal preference
  7. I have both bags. The flap is definately more comfortable on the shoulder. But it does not hold as much as you might think. And if you fill it up, it can feel fat under your arm. If you do not carry too much, it is great! The bowler can carry alot more and you can wear it on your shoulder in the summer with no jacket. But, as stated above, the flap is more classic. It is really easier to wear. I use the classic more than the bowler.
  8. I tried on both and the Flap was far more comfortbale.
    In fact, I'm an average size girl {size 6} and I can't even fit the Bowler under my arm comfortbaly at all, forget w/ a jacket or anything ;(
    So that sealed the deal for me as I HAVE TO have a shoulder bag.
    The Flap doesn't hold a ton, but it's not an everyday throw around bag anyhow, although you CAN fit in more than you think as the sides are accordion style.
    I carry it probably twice/week and not on special occasions but when I'm not in gym clothes so much.
    Even when I have mine packed full {travel wipees, big zippered, long wallet and keys and a few other things} it's not at all bulky feeling under my arm.
    Mine is metallic black and it's not stiff at all.
  9. It's definitely a personal preference. I tried on both, and like Swanky, preferred the flap for the comfort. But they're both so gorgeous you can't go wrong whichever you end up with.
  10. they are both gorgeous.. ;)
  11. I personally like the style of the bowler more. That said, I own the flap and I am so glad! She is so comfortable and easy to carry.
  12. IMO I like the style of the bowler ... but if you are more a shoulder gal, i would go for the flap..
  13. You can't go wrong with either one! But personally, I prefer the bowler!!!