Help me decide........

  1. Should I get the perfo speedy in fuschia? :shrugs: You all know how much I :heart: the speedy! This would be number 11! :graucho: I was buying one off of eBay for $1210 (shipping included), that went wrong (long story..posted about it in eBay forum, if curious). So should I spend a few hundred more and get one from Eluxury.....then if I don't LoVe it I can return it?

    I'm also waitlisted for the Dentelle Speedy and patchwork....although I think I'll be passing on the patchwork....a little too busy for me!

    Help me make up my mind! :confused1:
  2. I vote no on this one - I love every other speedy except this one and the patchwork.
  3. ITA. Go for the Dentelle, no to the others.
  4. i'm not a fan of perfo but you seem to really want this one. why not buy it from elux and return it if you don't like it?
  5. At least if you get it from eLuxury you can return it, so that is a good point :smile:
  6. I love perfo speedy. :smile: do you have other perfo bags?
  7. Perfo Speedy!
  8. I don't really love the perfo speedy either. Lots of people do though. It just looks like they were very confused when designing this bag. Like.....should it be a dog carrier or a handbag?
  9. I say go for it. Spend a little more and know that you are getting the real thing without any hassle.
  10. sorry..I say no..I :heart: all speedies, but this one. I also don't like the patchwork one either. They both are too busy for my taste!!
  11. The fuschia is the only color I like in the perfo speedy. Seems like you really want it, so I think you should get it. Then get the dentelle, too!
  12. i love the preforated speedy! I think it is very different and love how it says LOUIS Vuitton on the front!!!
  13. I have some perfo fuchsia accessories and they are really pretty