Help me decide!

  1. I know you ladies are fendi lovers but i just can't decide!!! I'm thinking of buying either a blueberry baby spy or a blue roi balenciaga (city)...
    I have a grey regular spy and I just love compliments all the times..but the thing is I have non balenciaga...urghhhh
  2. Sorry.....I can't be of much help here, as I'm a huge fan of both the spy and the Balenciaga motor cycle bags. I love my blueberry spy for those dressier occasions. My b-bags are more suitable for casual wear, like times when I kicking around in my jeans and a blouse.
  3. I would go for the blueberry baby spy, I just the think the leather is nicer on the spys than on the b bags.
  4. I would say blueberry spy. I saw the blue roi a couple of days ago and it was quite brighter than I expected. I think the blueberry baby will have greater longevity as far as color. Now, if you said bleu glacier, I would have said the CITY! ;)