Help me decide

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  1. I'm torn between those 4 bags here:
    -Collins in Cement (small or medium)
    -Cynthia in Cement (small or medium)

    I already have a medium Selma in that colour with gunmetal hardware.
    Cement would look so nice in soft pebbled leather, but in my memory the Collins was a little heavy to carry.
    Cynthia has this plastic in the handles. I'm not sure how durable it is.

    My preferred bag size is sonething like the medium Selma.

    Does anyone have these two styles and can tell me something about them or post comparison pictures?
  2. I have the medium Cynthia in ballet. I don't think the handles will cause any problems as they are made of resin. I have read somewhere here that they don't respond well to very low temperatures, but that was several years ago. I have seen cynthia in cement and would go for that. Cement is a very low key color, and the handles and the design of this bag add the little extra and make the color stand out. Here is a size comparison of medium selma and medium Cynthia. downloadfile-3.jpeg
  3. Thanky you very much.
    The cement bag will have to wait at the moment because in boug the cameo Miranda on sale. But i'm quite sure the cement colour will be around for a while.
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  4. I think so too. It is a nice grey color.