Help me decide

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  1. Hi everyone !

    I have 1150 € store credit for my alma bb.

    For those who didnt follow I got an alma anthracite nacre early march (one of the last ones). Two weeks later, the color was gone at one corner. It looked rubbed off, from an abrasive wall or something wich I was sure didn't happen. I took it in, they said I was rubbed off. Fine ... Two weeks later, all the other corners had missing color and the bag stood in its dustbag. I took it in again. They called me today saying that it was defective and I had the choice between repair (changing the rigid leather bottom) or store credit. They also said that the color was very fragile. I became very afraid of using the bag so I took the store credit.

    I had the caissa clutch on my wishlist but my sister just got it and we share some bags, so no point on bying it.

    I can't decide between :
    Turenne PM
    Sienna PM
    Saint Germain PM in denim
    Cluny BB / MM

    I know St germain and Cluny are more expensive but my birthday is in less than two monts so, I can manage to get the extra money.

    I also thought of the Speedy 30 DE (I don"t like the speedy b) but I'm afraid of getting tired of it. I had the 25 in mono for 10 years and found it small on me and I sold it.

    Sorry for the very long post :roflmfao:

    Thanks for your opinions, mod shots ...
  2. You might like the Siena, the shape is flattering on nearly everyone. It's just a few hundred more than your store credit.
  3. I think Cluny is a good choice
  4. Are you looking for a more casual or dressy bag? I think the Saint Germain is my first choice if you want a bag that is more dressy (but obviously can be still used with casual outfits) and the Siena is my second choice. :yes:
  5. I'd go Siena. I'm lusting after one of them right now...
  6. I'm looking for a bag that can be dressed up and down.

    The Saint Germain is perfect but maybe a little too dressy ... not sure

    I need to try the sienna ...
  7. St Germaine. Just because it's such a classy looking bag. But I don't think you can dress it down.
  8. I finally went for Siena MM, as I already have the pallas BB for small bag. I just need my SA to get back to me wether they can make a another whole in the bandoulière for me or not. It's a little too long on my shoulder.

    I'm on a big ban now, I bought so much the pas three monts ....
  9. [​IMG]
  10. Congrats on your new purchase.. I was in a dilemma too last month, choosing between Siena and Turenne. Ended up with the Turenne though. Still lusting over Siena. :giggles:
  11. Enjoy your new acquisition