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  1. Hi I'm expecting a baby in July and am in search of a cross body bag. I'm planning to keep baby's things in the diaper bag so I need something to house mostly just the ZCP, 6 key holder, lipstick/lip balm, eye drops and possibly a mini pochette (not a deal breaker if I doesn't fit). Basically it just needs to carry my most important or most used items which isn't much.

    What would you suggest? Hopefully other mums out there could give me some insight on which bag they use the most for this?

    I am considering the pochette Metis, pochette felicie (used without the inserts) or the favorite (unsure which size yet). But would love to hear your suggestions. Thanks in advance! :smile:
  2. Congrats!! How exciting! ️ I have a 20m old and I used the diaper bag until my DD was ~14m. I started keeping my things separated from my DD's and I try to carry less because I have a small Skip Hop backpack that I need to carry for her essentials. Currently, I'm rotating between my lovely Mazarine PM (it's a little big for my needs, but I just love this bag!) and DA Croisette. I recently purchased the DE Pochette NM for grocery/Target. I find the Pochette really handy and I don't need to baby it much. Have you considered the Pochette with a long strap? Anyways, it doesn't sound like you carry much (just like me) so I think you'll be okay with either the PM or the Favorite. I'm not sure about the PF as I haven't seen it in person yet. Good luck with your decision!
  3. Have you considered Alma BB in DE? It would easily fit everything you mentioned and it's a beautiful cross body that's easy to dress up or down. In DE it's essentially carefree. Should you choose Favorite, I'd go with DE.
  4. Congrats!!

    I am expecting a baby at the end of June myself, and I bought a Favorite DE MM for exactly the reasons you listed.

    I will have a diaper bag for the baby, so the Favorite will just be for my stuff. I chose the DE because I don't want to worry about the vachette strap when the baby throws up on me, LOL.

    The MM is enough for what I need: cell phone, sunglasses (folding Raybans), credit card holder, cles, passport, Mutterpass (medical passport for every pregnant woman in Germany that you carry with you at all times), lip balm, tissue paper.

    I don't carry my mini pochette in the Favorite MM, but it fits inside for sure. Also, if you have an iPad mini, that fits too.
  5. Thanks for your suggestions so far! Forgot to mention I already own a speedy b 30 in DE so I definitely want something on the smaller size as I find it hard to find things sometimes even with an organiser inside. I did consider the alma bb but am worried it might be so easy to retrieve items because of the smaller opening.

    I'm kind of leaning towards the pochette Metis as it is similar to my celine trio which I love but it's starting to lose its shape so I want something not as fragile. If that makes sense :smile:
  6. Have you tried the Twice/Twinset? I have one in Empreinte Noir, I have a Pochette Metis also but I feel like the Twice is easier to use honestly. It sits closer to the body and is easy to get into.
  7. I still recommend Alma BB, and have you considered Epi leather? It's a fabulous option, since you love your Celine Trio, leather may be the way to go and Epi will not lose its shape.
  8. Mabillion is a great little crossbody.
  9. I have a 13 month old and have used my Alma BB in DE and in Epi tons over the past year as my personal bag with her diaper bag. It's not difficult to get into, but likely not as easy as a favorite. I also briefly had the pochette metis, but actually find it too large for my needs - I carry a similar amount to what you mentioned.

    As much as I love my Alma BBs, I think the favorite MM is probably the most practical. Felicie might be too small.
  10. Congratulations!! My suggestion would be the Favorite MM or the Eva. Both bags for right now and later, perfect for running errands and date night!!! I have the Pochette Metis and although it's a great crossbody, I think the Favorite MM is more versatile. Good luck.
  11. I suggest a NM Pochette for this purpose.
  12. Twice is a good choice compared to Favourite which I find a little too small.

    If you have extra money to spend, then the Lock Me II BB is an excellent choice.

    If you are on a budget, then the Pochette Accessories then get a long chain from eBay. Great crossbody bag than fits all your things.
  13. I recommend a Favorite. I have a PM and it suits me fine. If you want a bigger one, you may opt for an MM.
  14. Thanks everyone for your suggestions. Ended up ordering a Pochette Metis as I tried the favorite and wasn't fond of magnetic closure as it didn't seem secure. The twice/twinset looks too similar to my trio and I couldn't justify paying separately for the Pochette accessoires and the shoulder strap. Just found my vernis agenda pm which had been hibernating in my closet so I will start carrying it again. Going to be approx 3-4 week for the PM so I hope it's worth it :smile: