Help me decide!

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  1. I want a hobo bag. I'm not entirely sure if I want one with a single strap or a double. I have found several on posh.
    Sought After-LOVE the pink. Worried about the braided straps and staying on my shoulders
    Homemade Cake-can't find too much info about this bag. Not many pictures
    I have no idea what this bag is called but I like the shape

    I can't decide! All of them will be dependent on price. They're listed on posh so I'm going to make offers. Does anyone else have these bags and can compare them??
  2. I went with the sought after. The seller wouldn't budge on price even though she said she was open to offers. I ended up paying $40 plus shipping which isn't bad I guess.
    I only went with that because I don't have any pink bags! I hope I like it!
  3. I had a pink bag similar to that, but not a Sought After. But I can tell you that the leather is really nice and soft. Enjoy! And it's such a pretty color in person.


  4. I'm hoping it's not too heavy! That's one reason I like Tano. The leather is nice but not overly heavy!