Help me decide?

  1. Hi,

    Long time reader. First time post-er. :shame:

    I'm getting up the courage to buy my first Chanel and I'd like the opinions of all you Chanel experts.

    I'm trying to decide between the baby cabas in black or the cambon flap tote (either in black and black or black and white.)

    Since for me, this is a long term investment, do you think one bag versus the other would be a better choice? Will I look silly carrying the cabas when I'm 60? Or even, will I look silly carrying the cabas when I'm 40 (which is now :wtf: )

    And in the same vein, if I went with the cambon, is black/black more enduring than black/white?

    Your opinions are greatly appreciated.

    Thanks from "freezing up in Canada". :yes:
  2. The Cabas isn't for me personally. And the Cambon Flap is hard to find, so if I could find one, I'd probably choose it.
  3. To be honest, for a first Chanel and a long term investment, I would suggest a classic flap - it's such a timeless bag!

    But between the 2 bags you're choosing between, you definitely would NOT look silly carrying the either of them at 40!!! They're both gorgeous bags and ageless IMO.

    I vote for the cambon flap tote for a fun yet classic look and in the black/black since it's a bit more subtle than the black/white.

    Good luck on your search and with your decision!!! And welcome to the forum and congrats on your first post!!!
  4. Between the two you asked about, I would go for the Cambon...although I think that you should get something a little more timeless. Like something in caviar.
  5. I will go for Cambon flap tote black and black. Is really very nice.
  6. Are you even able to find a black baby Cabas in Canada? I tried to get on a list and every SA said there were none available.

    Actually, what am I saying. I had a chance to buy the black baby Cabas around Christmas... and passed it up. I tried it on and thought it wasn't right for me. It didn't help that I was wearing my winter coat and I couldn't get it over my shoulder! Then I started to change my mind and thought I could wear it in the spring... and by that time, none were available.

    Bags are also a long term investment for me. I think you should get something from this Spring line. What are your requirements in a bag, other than it has to be an investment piece for you?