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  1. #1 Apr 18, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 18, 2016

    So, I got a store credit over an Alma BB in blueberry after having troubles with the anthracite nacre one. I am debating between two bags for replacement :

    - Pallas BB
    - Turenne PM / Nano

    What fits in the nano ?

    I'd love to hear the pros and cons of the two bags.

    Thanks for your help
  2. I tried the Turenne PM yesterday, was a tough choice between that and the Speedy B. The Turenne is a lovely bag, bigger than the Alma BB and easy to get in to. Looks good handheld or cross body. The only reason i didnt get it is because I had my heart set on a Speedy it is def on my want list though. Sorry I didn't see the nano or Pallas to compare.
  3. Between both, I vote Turenne PM. Seems more functional and not a trendy bag for long term use.
  4. If you're wanting a small cross body bag, what about these options:
    SAINT-GERMAIN BB (one my wish list)
  5. What issues were you having with the anthracite nacre one? And are you saying that you also had trouble with the Blueberry one too?
  6. Sorry I don't know how to multi quote...

    Thanks for your intels.

    So, I went to the store to try them. The nano is def to small. I found Turenne PM too big on me so I'm debating on the color for the Pallas BB...

    I've had a favorite MM and sold it as I did't like the magnetic closure.

    I am not a fan of Eva and St germain BB.

    The glazing of the anthracite nacre was going away ... It's still in expertise for now. I returned the blueberry because I got scared of the glazing issue. Might rebuy it later on this year.

  7. Hi Babylove,

    I definitely understand your glazing issues. I had the Rose nacre and I guess when then made it, they heat the glaze to glaze it and it spattered onto the bag. The spots were small but they drove me nuts because the Rose nacre bb has dark brown/grey glazing so the spots were noticeable. I ended up selling it because it was a sensitive bag and I could not really wipe it down. However I still think it's gorgeous but I'm sure she has a new better mommy now that'll love her.

    As for your choices, I don't know why but I'm not a fan of the Pallas. I think it is a rather functional bag but it's quite pricey for its look. I don't find it has a wow factor for me personally but if you love it, get it. I just wish they didn't do that weird dark brown handle for the noir version...

    As for turenne. The pm is gorgeous but is rather wide/large. The nano is so cute and I can fit my iPhone 6+ and multicartes and key cles but that's about it. It's too small and too trendy... I think I'd get a nano for my daughter than for myself... Unless it's for festivals and concert use which is pretty much too occasional for me.

    I guess the question is: what kind of bag are you looking for? Small? Medium? Double duty for day and night? Work? Travel?

    I think you should determine what function the bag will fill in your closet and go from there =]
  8. turenne pm