Help Me Decide

  1. I really like the new tokidoki bags but I already have giocos and campeggios and I really want a smaller bag. Since I am stuck here without a store that carries them, I need your help. About how much will the dolce and bambinone hold? I don't really carry alot of stuff in my bags. When I carry the others they are always half empty. As long as they hold the wallet, cell phone, and ipod I'm happy.Thanks.:smile:
  2. I think you can fit the things you listed in either of those bags because that's not too much stuff. The dolce looks so small to me but some girls say they can fit a ton of stuff in it and I'm sure you can fit what you listed. It just depends on what size wallet you have. If you have one of those longer wallets it may not fit so you should check out the dimensions online. I'd go with the bambione if I were you.

    My sister has the bambino which I'm pretty sure is the bambione with a shorter handle and it's pretty roomy b/c it has two separate compartments. She doesn't carry a lot of stuff either, she used to only use a wristlet until she fell in love with that purse. The only thing with bambino is it doesn't fit over your shoulder it's strictly for your hand or wrist but I think the style is adorable.

    How do you like the campeggio? I want a different style bag (I have giocos, ciao ciao, bella bella and I just got the zucca) and I can't decide which one I want. I was leaning towards the campeggio but I'm still not sure. I think stellina will be too small for me and I don't want a style I already have. Any thoughts?
  3. I like the campeggio. I use it for school, just throw the notebooks in and go. When I use it as a purse, I accumulate all kinds of junk, And bacause there always seems to be room I never feel the need to clean it out.

    My wallet is a tokidoki denaro so it should fit. :yes: I think I am going to get the bambinono in the pirate and the dolce in adios star.
  4. I find the same is true for me...if I have a large purse and don't pay attention to what I'm throwing in there it gets overloaded with junk and I don't ever clean it out either because you don't need the room...there's plenty!!

    Oh, your wallet will fit in both bags. I like your choices! I think you will be happy with them. Are you ordering online?
  5. Yeah, I have to order online because Alabama sucks. :p Just kidding. We have nowhere here that sells them.:sad:
  6. I have dolce and bambino. The bambino (fixed strap smaller one) fits my denaro, but i gotta kinda arrange it a little bit. It is more slouchy so less fits than the dolce, even though its wider. I like dolce way better because it fits (nicely) over my shoulder. it also suprisingly carries a ton of things. Bambione (the bigger of the two) looks small but it holds lots. If you like room in your bag, get the Bambione, but if you just want to place everything you listed, then the Dolce is perfect. Or you can just get both, like your thinking of :biggrin: Post pics when you get them!
  7. I finally got them.:yahoo: :happydance: I was a little worried I would not like the bambinone because I usually don't like a bag that is more than 1 big compartment, but I love it. It is the perfect size for my stuff.
    Picture 021.JPG Picture 026.JPG Picture 023.JPG Picture 024.JPG
  8. Adorable..congrats!!! Where did you get them from,
  9. I love your bags. I :heart: your dolce because it has Sandy on it and your bambione has great print placement. The mermaid is sooo cute!

  10. Nope. I got them from Lesportsacs site. Standard shipping and it got here in 2 days, so glad I did not pay $32 for the 2 day shipping.
  11. How much was the standard shipping for those 2 items from LeSportsac??
  12. $10.50
  13. Very cute!

    Any chance you could give us a picture with you wearing them? (or anyone else who has one)

    A small bag will be my next purchase, and now that you guys are promoting the bambinone, I'm confused. :smile:
  14. Thanks!
  15. too bad lesportsac doesnt send it to Guam lol..i have to have a relative from the states to do that, if i wanted exclusive stuff like the OC editions :p our lesportsac stores dont carry everything... and the sad thing i just heard was that our lesportsac store will not be carrying the future prints of tokidoki:crybaby: because they did not order to carry it .....why???? :hysteric: