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  1. Hello Everyone!
    So recently I've been looking at purses again after my 4 months break from it and now I can't decide between two purses: the Boy in denim, quilted, old medium size and with ruthenium hardware and the Prada saffiano lux tote, double zip (BN2274) in the cammeo.

    My problems with the Chanel is that I don't know if the denim material will able to withstand the rain/snow we get in Canada, and how it looks in the daylight (the exact shade)

    My problem with the Prada is that I actually used the own the same bag in Black but sold it cause I thought black was too boring. It is also heavy when I load it with A LOT of things because it is a leather bag. And I've been hearing bad things about the Prada quality.

    I currently own a Brea MM in Fushia, Alma BB, montaigne BB, Siracusa PM and a Neverfull MM.

    Please help me!!
    Also any other bag suggestions are VERY welcomed
    PS. I don't mind the size of bags since I can downsize or upsize very well :lol:
  2. I am not a fan of saffiano leather, even when done by Prada... so I am biased towards Boy.

    Pics would be helpful! ;)
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    I think the Chanel will fit you better. From your profile pic I'm guessing you are a young fashion girl, I think Prada tote is just not right fit for younger/fashion girls, I think its more for women older than 34+ years old.

    Younger girls wear Chanel would present delicate look.
  4. What is the purpose of this bag in your closet? Is it going to be a workhorse, going out bag, day bag...
  5. TBH I just want it cause I sold off a few bags in my closet :P
  6. :lol: How about investing in a Chanel classic flap? Something you could have for forever in your closet. The way pricing are going it would soon cost $10k.

  7. +1
  8. I can't specifically speak about Chanel's denim boy, but denim on bags tend to be quite sturdy. I have a denim Tory Burch bag (I use contemporary bags for work because I am hard on my work bags), and TB quality is not great, but this bag has taken a beating and still looks great. I'm sure Chanel would be even better. You could always ask your SA. Mine tends to be pretty honest with me about durability when it comes to leathers and styles of Chanel.