Help me decide

  1. I'm in desperate need of a new wallet, and have been carrying around the same ks pink/green wallet for the past 3yrs. Definitely time for a new one! Just when I thought I had found several 'under $300' that I could live with...I saw the Pomme!:drool: The Ludlow is the most affordable, but seems useless. Of course I want the $675 koala!!! I'm also waitlisted for the heart purse, but not 100% sure I'll actually get my hands on one. And I've been wanting the Damier Speedy 30 since it came out. Recently tho, I've purchase two other 'mid-range' brown bags. (goldenbleu and bulga) So, do I need another brown bag?? Probably not...but I want it!(insert whinning)

    What would you do? Bite the bullet and buy all? Wait on the speedy since I have two new brown bags? Spend $675 for the koala or go with something in the 'under 300' range? Get the heart purse if one is available? If I buy all, this will be the most $$$ I've ever spent at once on hangbags/accessories. I'd definitely have to be on purse ban for a long time!:s

    Thanks you guys!:heart:
  2. anyone?:wondering
  3. Koala is a great wallet... I'm considering one in Pomme.
    I'd advise against the Ludlow... especially if you're getting it as your main wallet AND you're mainly thinking about it because it's cheap. I bought a Ludlow for the same reason (most affordable, and I really wanted something in the Peppermint color) and I've never used it. Pay more to get something you'll actually put to use imo!
  4. I would get an "under 300" wallet, and get your damier speedy too. I just couldn't pay that much (675) for a wallet, but that's me. If you get it all, you'll have to put yourself on a ban...where's the fun in that? As for the fact that you just bought two brown bags, well, who cares?! You want it!! Have fun! :drinks:
  5. I like the Vernis PTI $605:

  6. ^In Pomme, of course.
  7. Ya know what? Buy all!
  8. I think you should splurge and get at least one wallet. I like koala or pti. Unless you don't want to spend much and just get a cles or pochette mm, something like that to use as a wallet as I did for some time.
  9. I'm also searching for a LV wallet and I like azur french purse.

    Anyway,Koala is nice.
  10. i think you should get a wallet. you use it every day, haven't had a new one in 3 years and it's fabulous. my wallet is practically my favorite lv piece. if you're already planning on spending the money on the heart purse and then 300 for a wallet then scrap the heart purse and combine both for a wallet. the heart purse is super cute but you think the ludlow is useless? this holds like nothing.
  11. But heart purse can be used as a bag charm... Ludlow can't.

    ITA though... you use the wallet everyday. Invest in it!
  12. get the koala wallet!
  13. I like the one Michelle posted, only in FRAMBOISE !! :love: :drool:
  14. Koala! I'm like hlfinn in that my LV wallet is my almost my favorite piece so to me it's worth passing up the others for now.