Help me decide!

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  1. I own the LV Neverfull MM DE and the Goyard St Louis PM black on black. I need a larger tote for travel and work/school and I am trying to decide between one if these totes in the GM size.

    Which one would you pick, Neverfull or St Louis? Please let me know the reasons for your choice. I love these bags equally but can only get one of them:0(

  2. Of course I am going to say Louis Vuitton Neverfull because I have the Neverfull DE in both MM and GM! I love the MM for everyday and the GM for when I'm traveling or need to carry more.
    I love them both equally!
  3. i pick the LV NF only bc im not really a fan of Goyard for some reason
  4. I like both but for durability, I'd really go with lv. The bigger the bag, the more things you'll put, which necessarily calls for more durability- and I honestly think lv is the way to go.
  5. Neverfull, though you'd probably get a different recommendation if you posed this question in the Goyard forum.
  6. I spent a lot if time reading the Goyard forum when making this same decision. I went with a Monogram NF GM and I don't regret it! I like the LV canvas durability and have always had good experiences with LV when it comes to repairs. I was concerned with the complaints I was reading on the Goyard threads.
  7. Neverfull, love mine.

  8. I love the neverfull MM too. I have it in DE as well as DA. It's my favorite bag. :0)

  9. The Neverfull wins in durability, no doubt about that. But if you were just to consider looks which one do you prefer? Thanks!

  10. Durability and repairs aside do you like the Neverfull more aesthetically? I am very gentle with my bags and rotate them frequently so generally I don't worry too much about durability. Thanks :0)

  11. Thanks! I know you do, love your videos!

  12. Actually, I meant to write about that too... I think the Goyard St. Louis is too unstructured, even for me and I love slouchy bags!

  13. Yes I agree, the St Louis does look really saggy and floppy with use :0). I
  14. +1 NF GM :tender:
  15. Looks-wise, I still prefer NF, but the goyard is less prevalent, which is a major plus. So that gets my vote in the looks book. I honestly don't like having a bag that half the girls crossing every avenue in NYC is carrying (it's either the NF or the longchamp le pliage). Goyard is growing on me. At first, I thought it looked too much like a grocery bag, and there was a slew of replica totes everywhere a long while back... so I was really turned off by it at first, but now - I'm definitely liking the look of it more and more. If durability is of no concern, then go with Goyard.